Computers and Your Vision

Computers are Not Friends of Good Vision
Poor eyesight (especially nearsightedness) has increased significantly over the past several decades.  This is partly due to the amount of close-work that people do.  As technology has increased, we spend more time staring at a computer screen.  When you spend hours in front of a computer screen, it strains your eyes and causes them to become dry, tired and blurry.

There are a number of programs and software that you can use to obtain better vision without glasses by following the instructions provided.  Be sure to look away from the computer every 10-15 minutes at an object in the distance.  This object should be at least 10 feet away.  Looking into the distance every 15 minutes will help relax your eyes, and prevent worsening eyesight.  To improve your vision without glasses, be sure to blink regularly while working at the computer.  Don't stare for long periods of time without blinking.  Another great method of preventing bad (and worsening) vision when using a computer is plus lens therapy

What Can Be Done to Get Better Vision Without Glasses?
Performing daily eye exercises can give an individual better vision without glasses. The earlier you begin performing these eye exercises, the less likely you are to have to wear glasses if you don’t do so already. Practicing simple eye exercises that take just a few minutes a day can help anyone to have better vision without glasses.

Better vision without glasses will allow those that see the world without corrective lenses as blurry to see clearly for the first time in perhaps a long time. Being able to see the alarm clock upon awakening without having to fumble around for glasses can be well worth the time, effort, and practice that goes into having better vision without glasses.  Find out how you too can learn eye exercises that will allow you to improve vision without glasses.  Get out behind the window of your corrective lenses, and see the world clearly!