Glasses = Bad Eyesight & Worsening Vision?

Glasses Have Bad Long-Term Effects on Eyesight & May Worsen Vision

Anyone who has ever worn glasses (or contact lenses) knows that when you get a new pair of glasses, it can take as long two weeks (or more) in order for your eyes to adjust to them. Wearers may feel dizzy and have depth perception problems—but in time they gradually adjust to the glasses.  This suggests that minus lenses may have some very negative effects.

The only way to make your vision better long-term is to learn how to see properly.  Glasses and contact lenses are merely crutches we use to see the world around us with as little effort as possible.  Unfortunately, glasses do not correct the underlying problem of weakened eye muscles and worsening eyesight.  They merely mask the "symptoms."

Unfortunately, most people need a STRONGER eyeglass prescription over time.  Your eye becomes reliant on the "crutch" (glasses), and even weaker than it was before.  When was the last time that you went to the eye doctor, and he told you your eyesight had IMPROVED?  Probably never.  Most people who are nearsighted (difficulty seeing distant objects) experience something called "myopic progression."  This means your prescription gets STRONGER over time.  In other words, your eyesight is getting WEAKER and WORSE.  Glasses do nothing but act as a temporary crutch.  They are a Band-Aid "patch" for your eyes.  Glasses mask the symptoms, but ignore (and usually worsen) the root cause of bad eyesight.

Eye Exercises Can Make Your Vision Better

The scientific community is beginning to accept the fact that to make vision better you have to perform a series of eye exercises several times a day on a regular basis. Performing these eye exercises can make vision better by teaching you how to properly focus on objects and the importance of rest and relaxation and their effects on good eyesight.

Eye exercises have been found to make many eye conditions better without the use of surgery and prescription lenses. If you suffer with poor eyesight and seek to make your vision better in a natural way, you have nothing to lose by learning some key eye exercises and giving them a try to see how they work for you. You have everything to gain since you will be able to toss your annoying and uncomfortable corrective lenses aside, and see the world clearly in all its beauty.

Comments on Glasses = Bad Eyesight & Worsening Vision?

July 19, 2013

Xin Hu @ 3:14 pm

Believe glasses are bad. Very interested in improving my vision.