How to See Better – See Better With these Tips

Would you like to see better?  Most people want to see better, and experience clearer, sharper vision.  It's important to understand that lots of reading—combined with extended computer use—affects your vision negatively.  The more time you spend staring at close objects (a book, or a computer screen), the greater chance you'll experience nearsightedness.  Use the tips below to learn how to see better, and limit the negative factors affecting your eyesight…

How to See Better: Reading and Computers Affect Your Vision
Many of us don’t realize that sitting for hours at a time in front of a computer screen can negatively affect good vision.  Certain reading habits (such as looking into the distance periodically) also contribute to having better eyesight. Long hours spent reading can have a lot to do with how poor your eyesight is.  Doing close work with short breaks and proper lighting can go a long way to improving eyesight.  If you have been staring at the computer screen, or at a book for a long time (staring is bad for the health of your eyes), stop and spend 5 minutes doing palming exercises.  Palming relaxes your eyes.

Eye Exercises for Improving Vision
There are a wide variety of eye exercises that can aid you in improving eyesight. Most are simple and easy to perform and are quite effective for better vision. Practicing these eye exercises several times a day—each and every day—are an effective tool for improving vision and giving you better eyesight.  Just as you work out your muscles at the gym, your eye muscles need to be exercised as well for good vision. Strong eye muscles are one of the key factors for developing better eyesight.