Vision Improvement: Eye Exercises, Changing Focus & Peripheral Vision

You can experience natural vision improvement by using eye exercises.  Some of the best eye exercises for vision improvement include eye exercises that emphasize focus, strength (for the oblique muscles of the eye), relaxation, and peripheral vision (saccadic movement).  Here are a few tips to get you started…

Avoid Staring & Change Focus to Improve Eyesight
Staring is a bad habit that many people share, and it does nothing to improve eyesight.  It actually does the opposite.  One of best ways to break the staring habit is to keep your eye moving when changing focus. You can improve your eyesight naturally if you make sure to change focus and move your eyes to encourage relaxation.  Palming is another excellent way to encourage relaxation.

Utilize Your Peripheral Vision to Improve Eyesight
Vision is an amazing gift but it is one that most people do not use to the fullest extent. Images are seen by looking directly at an object, but there is much going on in the peripheral vision as well. Not everyone focuses on what is going on using peripheral awareness. People have become trained to focus on just one thing when they are actively looking. Practicing looking at the world through peripheral vision (scanning) is another way to improve your eyesight naturally. In essence, take off your “blinders” so that you can improve eyesight and see more of the world that surrounds you.

Eye Exercises to Improve Vision
It is possible to improve your eyesight naturally by using eye exercises that rebuild your eyes in order to improve eyesight. An exercise such as the eyelid flutter can strengthen eye muscles while at the same time, teach them to relax. Practicing eyelid fluttering a few times daily can keep eyes relaxed and moist and improve eyesight. Just blink eyes rapidly twenty or thirty times without squeezing shut your eyes, keeping facial and eye muscles relaxed when doing so. When you are through, close your eyes and rest for a moment. Repeat the rapid blinking motions a few times and practice this exercise a couple of times over the course of the day. There are many other eye exercises that target how to improve eyesight naturally that can be practiced at home with ease.