Sunning Eyes for Better Vision Naturally

You can use a technique called "sunning" to gain better vision.  The technique of sunning your eyes was developed in the early 1900's by Dr. William Bates, an opthalmologist who worked with patients to improve their vision naturally.

Sunning is the practice of letting the sun shine directly on your closed eyelids.  Sun on your eyelids allows the retina to get used to brighter light, so that the entire range of light can be tolerated without ill effect on the eyes.  Sunlight is also very healing.  After just 5 minutes of exposing your closed eyelids to direct sunlight, you will notice that your vision is clearer and sharper.  There are a few things that should be avoided when trying to achieve better vision naturally when using this method.  First, never look directly into the sun with open eyes.  Make sure your eyelids are closed and then point them towards the sun.  Also, never wear contact lenses while performing this exercise.

Begin by exposing your eyelids to the sun for just a few minutes, and then gradually increase the time. Keep your eyes closed and turn your head in a relaxed manner from side to side. Practice deep and even breathing, and feel the warming rays of the sun as it penetrates into your eyes and forehead as you seek to achieve better vision naturally using this method.

After you have finished sunning, follow up with the palming method.  Repeat this exercise a few more times. Each time you do this, you will be able to take the sun on your eyelids for longer periods of time, and soon your sensitivity to light will gradually disappear.  Light sensitivity affects your eyesight and this is another excellent technique to gain better vision naturally.  Start practing sunning and palming if you want to experience better vision naturally.

Comments on Sunning Eyes for Better Vision Naturally

March 11, 2013

stella @ 11:32 pm

I have applied this technique for over 40 years. I am almost 60 years old and my vision is astounding for a person my age. I do not need reading glasses and my distance vision has been improving for many years.

March 23, 2013

Pauline @ 7:50 pm

Stella, That is so amazing. How did you know you should do this 40 years ago? I have some symptoms of retinitis pigmentosa but got it at age 70. So, I was told by the expert in the country that I will not go blind in my lifetime. My night vision is very poor and any time the weather has glare, I have a problem. I have to constantly put drops in my eyes to keep from dryness. I read that sunning should help me, and I will certainly try it according to Bates instructions. Thanks very much. Pauline