Improve Vision — 3 Tips to Improve Your Vision

Want to improve your vision?  There are a variety of ways to improve your vision that don't involve a laser or a surgical procedure.  You may think the only way to improve vision is by wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses.  However, there are a number of ways to improve eyesight that are simple and easy to include in your daily routine.

1. To Improve Your Eyesight, Rest Your Eyes When Performing Close Work

If you are doing close work (such as reading a book, or working on a computer), look into the distance for 10 seconds every 15 minutes.  Make sure you look at least 10 feet away when doing this exercise.  Looking into the distance helps relax your eyes so they are not continually strained by staring at close objects all day. This is especially important for people who are nearsighted.

2.  Wear Sunglasses to Improve Your Vision

Not only does the sun affect your eyesight, but wind and snow can also be detrimental to your vision too. You squint when the sun is bright, and you have no protection against the UV rays and this is not good for your eyesight. You can improve vision during the winter by wearing sunglasses as well when there is snow on the ground. The sun and snow combined are glaring and can hurt your eyes as well. The wind has small particles that can get lodged in your eyes. This too can affect your eyesight.

3.  Eat Foods That Help Improve Vision
Remember when you were a child and your mother told you to eat your carrots because it would improve vision?  She was right.  Eating sweet potatoes can help improve your eyesight because they are filled with vitamin A, a necessary nutrient for your eyes.  Need better night vision?  Loading up on sweet potatoes can actually improve vision at night, helping you see clearly in the dark. Blueberries are another great food for improving your vision.  Blueberries contain antioxidants which help restore damaged cells and prevent further damage from free radicals.  Damage or breakdown of the macula (an area at the back of the eye that controls central vision) is said to be one of the leading causes of blindness for the aging population.  Studies show that eating blueberries can prevent worsening eyesight and improve vision when you age.