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Idowu took writing as a profession in 2019 to communicate his programming and overall tech skills. At MUO, he covers coding explainers on several programming languages, cyber security topics, productivity, and other tech verticals. Idowu holds an MSc in Environmental Microbiology. But he sought out values outside his field to learn how to program and write technical explainers, enhancing his skill set. And he hasn't looked back since then.

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Human facing a robot 1
What's the Difference Between Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning?

These two terms are at the core of the generative AI revolution, but what do they mean, and how do they differ?

A wireframe illustration of a human head with binary numbers in the background 1
What Is No-Code AI and How Do You Use It?

Fascinated by the promise of AI, but not sure where to start? A no-code solution can help introduce you to the field.

Microsoft logo and a to-do list with automation design 1
How to Automate Microsoft To Do With IFTTT

Become a task management wizard with IFTTT's Microsoft To Do automation.

Hand holding phone with appliances in picture 1
How to Use the IFTTT App to Automate Your Tasks

Are you tired of doing repetitive tasks? Learn how to automate your daily routines with the IFTTT app and save time!

Big data text written over a computer keyboard 1
Map-Reduce vs. Aggregation Pipeline in MongoDB

MapReduce is an established way of parallelizing data queries, but can this alternative offer even more benefits?

YouTube logo on a laptop screen 1
How to Moderate Comments on Your YouTube Videos

Don't let bad viewers affect your channel and community. Here's how to moderate comments on YouTube.

A database and processing icon with MongoDB logo 1
How to Use the Aggregation Pipeline in MongoDB

If MapReduce has been your go-to, now could be the time to transition to MongoDB's Aggregation Pipeline for tackling complex operations.

sending messages from a phone 1
5 Android Apps for Sending SMS Messages in Bulk

Need to send messages to hundreds of recipients quickly? Here are the best bulk SMS apps for Android to take care of the job.

A block of storage hard disks 1
11 MongoDB Queries and Operations You Must Know

Get a hang of MongoDB queries and operations with the help of this handy guide.

Hand holding an android phone with app icons and network icon 1
How to Prevent Any App From Using Mobile Data on Android

If your apps use too much mobile data, you can restrict background data usage on Android. Here's how to turn off data and save money.

Animated figure holding a book with YouTube logo on one side 1
How to Add a Manager to Your YouTube Channel

Tired of managing your YouTube channel by yourself? Learn how to add a channel manager to help you out while you focus on creating content.

AI head with no-code text 1
What Is No-Code Programming and Should You Use It?

You may be already familiar with the term 'No-code Programming,’ but do you know what exactly is it? And should you really use it?

the YouTube logo in front of the white background 1
How to Block Someone From Your YouTube Channel

Keeping your YouTube channel clean and safe it's easier than you think. Here's how you can get rid of annoying comments and viewers.

Person Running Facebook Profile on Laptop and Smartphone Simultaneously 1
How to Download Private Facebook Videos

Are you searching for ways to download private Facebook videos? Look no further than the tools on this list.

Web logo with figure three 1
5 Reasons Web3 Is Less Secure Than Web 2.0

The technology powering Web3 may be hard to crack, but if you fall victim to a scam, you're often on your own.

The VLC Media Player logo 1
How to Rotate a Video in VLC Media Player

With VLC Media Player, you can rotate any video with just a few clicks.

WhatsApp on a mobile screen 1
WhatsApp Community vs. WhatsApp Group: What's the Difference?

WhatsApp groups and communities are different in a number of key ways.

Icons of envelopes flying out from a laptop and mobile phone 1
The 7 Best SMTP Services You Can Integrate Into Your Website Today

Use one of these services to send professional emails that won’t get caught by spam filters.

Python code with hand holding mobile phone 1
How to Generate a Server-to-Server OAuth Zoom Meeting Link With Python

Learn how to create a secure Zoom meeting link using Python for server-to-server communication with OAuth authentication.

A close-up of a laptop showing code in an editor 1
Interpreters and Compilers: What Are They and How Are They Different?

Every line of code you write needs to be translated into a language your computer can understand. But how does that happen?

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