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About Jayric Maning

Craving to learn how things worked, Jayric Maning started tinkering with all kinds of electronic and analog devices during his early teens. He took up forensic science at the University of Baguio, where he got acquainted with computer forensics and cyber security. He is currently doing lots of self-study and tinkering with tech, figuring out how it works and how we can use it to make life easier (or at least cooler!).

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Beautiful white llama 1
How to Download and Install Llama 2 Locally

You can use Meta's Llama 2 online, but you can customize and personalize the experience if you install it on your local machine.

Deep learning brain 1
Public AI vs. Private AI vs. Personal AI: What's the Difference?

There are three district categories of AI, but what are they, and how do they differ?

Driving Tesla on Autopilot mode 1
What Is Machine Vision and How Important Is It to Self-Driving Cars?

Machine vision is the foundation of self-driving cars, and is critical to a fully autonomous future.

Gaming PC vs workstation PC 1
Workstation vs. Gaming PC: What’s the Difference?

Workstations and gaming PCs both come with top-tier hardware, but how are they different?

Lady with eyes covered 1
What Is Zero Shot Learning and How Can It Improve AI?

Zero-shot learning solves several problems in machine learning, but how does it work, and how does it make AI better?

Eye looking through a scope 1
What Is ZoomEye and How Is It Useful for Your Cybersecurity?

ZoomEye can prove useful for cybersecurity experts and enthusiasts, but also has its dangers.

Hugging-Face-Logo 1
What Is Hugging Face and What Is It Used For?

Hugging Face has become a popular platform for the NLP community. So what it is exactly? And why do people visit the site? Let's talk about it!

iCUE LINK ecosystem setup 1
What Is Corsair's iCUE LINK? 4 Reasons to Upgrade

Corsair's new iCUE LINK makes building a new PC a doddle, and this is how it works.

Extensible-Messagging-Transfer-Protocol 1
What Is the XMTP Web3 Messaging Protocol and How Does It Work?

XMTP is an exciting new protocol for decentralized messaging that can change messaging forever.

Various USB connectors 1
How to Tell What Type of USB Port You Have

Not sure what type of USB port you have? Here's how you can identify them.

Girl thinking near computer 1
How to Download and Install Auto-GPT Step-by-Step

Install AutoGPT on your computer by following this step-by-step guide.

LCD and ePaper Devices 1
LCD vs. ePaper: What's the Difference and What's Best for Reading?

Having a hard time deciding whether to use an LCD or ePaper device for reading? We've got you covered!

Group of AI robots 1
The 7 Best Local/Offline LLMs You Can Try Right Now

Looking for LLMs you can locally run on your computer? We've got you covered!

ubuntu 23.04 login error in vmware 1
How to Fix the Ubuntu 23.04 Login Error on VMware

Need help going past the Ubuntu 23.04 login screen on VMware? Here's how to fix the login problem!

Team of metal robots 1
The 6 Best Pre-Trained Models for Work and Business

Looking for a pre-trained model to help you with your business and work? Here are some of the most popular models that may interest you.

GPT4All on CPU 1
What Is GPT4All and How Does It Work?

Looking to run LLMs locally on your computer? Try using GPT4All!

OpenAI 3D logo 1
How to Build a Custom ChatGPT With Your Own Data

Looking to provide ChatGPT with your custom data? Here's a step-by-step on how to do just that!

Model of brain synapse 1
What Is AI Transfer Learning and How Does It Work?

Looking for a way to train a powerful AI for your specific applications? Try transfer learning!

Selection of Arduino boards 1
All 9 Arduino Board Specifications Compared

Looking for the right Arduino model to use for your next project? You need an Arduino board comparison.

digital diagram of AMD Instinct GPU 1
What Are AMD's Instinct AI Accelerators?

AMD's Instinct GPU series is getting popular in the computing and AI community. Here's why.

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