James Dolan-Senior Writer for Automotive

James Dolan

Senior Writer for Automotive

About James Dolan

James is a professional automotive writer who has worked for most well-known automotive websites. His articles have been published on websites such as The Drive, Hot Cars, Smart Trucking, Car Repair Lab, RV Talk, Drifted, Green Authority, 180SX Club, Inspired Cyclist, Low Offset, and SlashGear. Besides his experience as a writer, editor, and consultant when it comes to the automotive industry, James also covers consumer technology.

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Tesla gold vinyl wrap 1
What Is a Tesla Vinyl Wrap, and Should You Get One?

Bored of Tesla's expensive and limited paint jobs? Try a Tesla Vinyl Wrap instead.

elon musk sitting behind twitter logo on smartphone 1
How Often Has Elon Musk Been Sued? The Twitter Lawsuit and More Explained

Musk has been on the receiving end of numerous lawsuits, but has dished more than a few out, too.

Person using chatGPT on his laptop 1
Is Auto-GPT Worth Using Without GPT-4?

Can you use Auto-GPT with GPT-3.5, or should you wait for access to GPT-4?

EV connected to a charger  1
8 Common EV Charging Problems That Need to Be Solved

As the number of electric vehicles increases, charging them is becoming increasingly difficult, plagued by some common issues.

A person watching sports on TV 1
The 8 Best Live Sports Streaming Sites

In this article, we list the best sports streaming sites available online. All of which are entirely legal.

A person holding a phone with GPS map on the screen 1
The 5 Best Apps for Tracking Your New Teen Driver

You don't have to worry about your teen when they take the car out for the evening.

Tesla and Electrify America charging stations side by side 1
CCS vs. Tesla’s NACS: Which One Is Better?

These are the two most popular fast charging standards in the US, and they both come with a series of advantages and disadvantages.

Chevy Silverado EV with V2H charging technology 1
Upcoming GM EV Models Will Power Your Home, and Other Automakers Could Follow Suit

General Motors wants to give many of its future EVs bidirectional charging, which will allow them to supply power to buildings.

EV connected to a charger  1
6 EVs With the Highest Resale Value

Just like in the case of combustion engine vehicles, some EVs have better resale values than others.

A robot touching a human hand 1
Is the Turing Test Outdated? 5 Turing Test Alternatives

Is the Turing test now outdated? If it is, what are the alternatives?

A small section of a globe. 1
What Is the Cryptocurrency Worldcoin? And How Does It Work?

Money for nothing? Is Worldcoin’s offering really too good to be true or is it worth keeping an eye on?

woman wearing black jacket standing at dealership standing next to a black car  1
Which Depreciates Faster? Electric Vehicles vs. Gasoline Vehicles

EVs are more expensive to buy than ICE vehicles, but do they hold that extra value over time?

A robot reading a book 1
Why Sarah Silverman and Other Artists Are Suing OpenAI and Meta Over AI

Does Silverman have a point? Are AI models infringing on copyright?

tesla charging 1
The Best 6 Apps for EV Route Planning

Planning a trip in your EV? Don't go without downloading one of these EV route planning apps.

Woman wearing Apple Vision Pro headset having a conversation 1
Apple Vision Pro vs. Meta Quest 3: What’s the Difference and Which Should You Buy?

The Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 are impressive headsets, but does one outweigh the other?

2016 Mazda CX-5 infotainment system with MirrorLink 1
What Is MirrorLink? A Guide to the Car Smartphone Communication Standard

MirrorLink is a handy platform for connecting your smartphone to your car.

Mercedes-Benz MBUX with the integrated ChatGPT feature 1
Mercedes-Benz Introduces ChatGPT With Voice Control to Its Vehicles

ChatGPT will be made available, only in the US for now, to over 900,000 Mercedes-Benz vehicles running the company's MBUX software.

A row of Tesla Superchargers 1
GM Follows Ford to Use Tesla Supercharger Network: How Will It Impact the EV Industry?

EVs from the two big American automakers will gain access to the Tesla Supercharging network starting next year.

Android Auto on a car infotainment system 1
Google Assistant Driving Mode vs. Android Auto: What’s the Difference?

They perform a very similar role but have different interfaces. Which begs the question: which one should you use?

solid state drive and hard drive on desk being fixed feature 1
How to Estimate the Remaining Lifespan of Your SSD

All SSDs have a limited lifespan due to write cycles. Here's how you can estimate how close you are to the end.

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