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Key Takeaways

  • The Nuphy Air75 V2 is an upgraded version of the original, featuring a larger 4,000mAh battery, enhanced 1,000Hz polling, and VIA software for easy customization.
  • The keyboard's construction is well-made, combining sturdy aluminum and translucent plastic. It is compact and portable, making it convenient to use and carry around despite its slightly heavier weight.
  • The Nuphy Air75 V2 offers a smooth typing experience with low-profile switch options and pre-lubed stabilizers. The PBT keycaps and sound-absorbing foam contribute to the overall typing quality.

Nuphy's new Air75 V2 mechanical keyboard hits the spot in so many ways. The original Nuphy Air75 was a roaring success, finding coverage among the mechanical keyboard TikTokers and YouTubers of the world, bringing the slimline, compact keeb into the eyes of the many.

Nuphy could have just slapped a fancy new sticker on the Air75 V2 and called it a day—but the 2023 model brings some useful upgrades while maintaining the style, color, and playfulness of the original.

Specifically, battery life massively jumps to 4,000mAh, the 2.4GHz connection option now supports 1,000Hz polling, and the Air75 V2 does away with the clunky Nuphy Studio in favor of standard mechanical keyboard customization software, VIA. And best of all? It brings all of those upgrades for only ten bucks extra on the price of the original.

nuphy air75 v2 on desk side long view
Image Credit: Gavin Phillips/MakeUseOf
Nuphy Air75 V2
8.5 / 10

The upgraded Nuphy Air75 V2 offers a substantial 4,000mAh battery, enhanced 1,000Hz polling via 2.4GHz, and adopts VIA for easy customization. Maintaining a compact design, the Air75 V2 features improved connectivity and build quality, all at a slight price increment.

Form factor
Compact 80%
Switch options
Gateron Red, Blue, Brown; Nuphy x Gateron Aloe, Cowberry, Wisteria, Moss
Ionic White, Basalt Black, and Lunar Grey
Aluminum, plastic
PORON plate form, IXPE foam, GhostBar
Battery capacity
2.4GHz, Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C
Typing angle
3.5º/ 6.5º / 8.5º
Software customizability
316.4 mm x 132.5 mm x 13.5 mm
Number of Keys
  • Great build quality, nice design
  • Improved connectivity
  • Smooth typing experience
  • Extensive switch options, hot-swappable
  • Customization using VIA
  • RGB decent but not great
  • Easy to miss battery indicator

Style and Construction

At first glance, the Nuphy Air75 and Air75 V2 appear very similar. I'm sure this decision will please most Nuphy Air75 users, as the original was a delight to type on and happily fits into most bags or sits perfectly on most desks. The Air75 V2 measures 316.4 x 132.5 x 13.5 mm, making the new model slightly smaller than the Air75 (which measured 315.7 x 132.6 x 16.0 mm). The difference isn't noticeable unless you're really paying attention and doesn't affect the performance of the keyboard.

nuphy air75 v2 on desk
Image Credit: Gavin Phillips/MakeUseOf

The Nuphy Air75 V2 is an 80% keyboard featuring 84 keys in a compact design layout. As a compact, there is little space between each keycap, but it makes for a smooth and fast typing experience, plus some RGB shine through.

Construction is also good, and the Air75 V2 feels well-made. Similar to the Air75, the bottom half of the keyboard is a translucent, frosted-style plastic, but is now available in three different colors: Ionic White, Basalt Black, and Lunar Grey. Conversely, the top half is sturdy aluminum, and in combination, the Air75 V2 delivers in the build-quality category.

nuphy air75 v2 side view of keys
Image Credit: Gavin Phillips/MakeUseOf

The Air75 V2's size and compact design, in combination with its 598g weight, make this a handy portable keyboard. Yes, 598g is on the heavier side of what you'd want from a portable keyboard, but given the build quality of the Air75 V2 and how that translates to the typing experience (more on this in a moment), it'll be worth lugging around a few extra grams.

nuphy air75 v2 on desk side long view
Image Credit: Gavin Phillips/MakeUseOf

Returning to that compact design again momentarily, the Nuphy Air75 V2 sales page includes a handy guide showing how its shape is compatible with a raft of different laptop models due to a redesign of its Airfeet. Not to sit in front of, but to sit on top of—effectively replacing the laptop keyboard. Some options include the 2012-2023 MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface Book 1/2, and Dell XPS 13.3"/15.6" models. I don't have any of those laptops available, so placed the Nuphy Air75 V2 on my Honor Magicbook 14, to absolutely expected mixed results. Still, the revised silicon strip Airfeet could be handy if you're using an older laptop or just want to use a much better keyboard.

Internally, the Nuphy combines layers of sound-absorbing Poron plate foam to dampen the keyboard sound, and along with the IXPE foam, leads to a nice overall audio experience. The Air75 V2 also features Nuphy's GhostBar, similarly designed to reduce the hollow sound associated with the spacebar. As I found in my Nuphy Halo96 review, the GhostBar reduces sound enough to make it a worthwhile named feature.

nuphy air75 v2 on desk top down view esc key
Image Credit: Gavin Phillips/MakeUseOf

If RGB is your jam, the Air75 V2 might not tick all the boxes. I like the Air75 V2's understated, not-over-the-top approach to RGB, but those who love a strong splash of color will likely be disappointed. The compact design doesn't allow much RGB shine through, and while there are numerous lighting effects and styles, RGB isn't a strong point for the Air75 V2.

Connectivity and Battery Life

Nuphy has upgraded the Air75 V2 polling rate to 1,000Hz while using 2.4GHz via the included USB dongle. It's a clear move to push the Air75 V2 toward gamers that require extra fast input response, and when using the 2.4GHz or USB-C wired mode, inputs are instantaneous. The Air75 V2 also supports Bluetooth 5.0, limited to 125Hz, which still works fine—but if you can use the 2.4GHz dongle, do so.

nuphy air75 v2 rear view of wired wireless switch
Image Credit: Gavin Phillips/MakeUseOf

Nuphy also listened to its users regarding battery life, and the Air75 V2 received a massive upgrade from 2,500mAh to 4,000mAh. Nuphy reckons the upgraded battery will deliver up to 37 hours of usage with RGB, rising to an enormous 220 hours without RGB. I noticed the Air75 V2 running out of battery occasionally while using it at my desk for a couple of weeks—having not seen the battery indicator on the top-right of the keyboard flashing red. Switching off the RGB improves the battery life, as you'd expect.

However you slice it, the Nuphy Air75 V2 battery is a big upgrade over the original, and that's a big plus for the newer model.

Switches, Typing Experience, and Keycaps

The Nuphy Air75 V2 has numerous low-profile switch options, including Gateron's standard low-profile Red 2.0, Blue 2.0, or Brown 2.0, plus an array of its Gateron x Nuphy low-profile switches:

  • Aloe (Linear 37g)
  • Cowberry (Linear 45g)
  • Wisteria (Tactile 55g)
  • Moss (Tactile 60g)

It's a decent array, that's for sure, which is perfect for a hot-swappable keyboard. Interestingly, Nuphy shipped the Nuphy Air75 V2 with its low-profile Daisy switches, which have a total travel of 3.2mm and an actuation force of 48g. I'm really pleased with these switches.

nuphy air75 v2 on desk with switches and keycaps missing
Image Credit: Gavin Phillips/MakeUseOf

The Daisy typing experience immediately felt familiar (as it will for those that used the Nuphy Air75 V1), well-weighted, and easy to use, so it's a little unfortunate that Nuphy has removed these from the Air75 V2 switch selection in favor of the slightly lighter Cowberry switches. Still, take a listen to the Air75 V2 Daisy 2.0 typing experience below (also available on the MakeUseOf Mechanical Keyboard Audio Soundcloud). Note how you can still pick out the GhostBar.

Note that these are pre-lubed switches, adding to the smoothness and reducing the overall typing sound. Nuphy has also added some pre-lubed stabilizers, again reducing volume.

The Air75 V2's PBT keycaps are a key part of the typing experience. The chunkier-style keycaps have a nicely balanced concave that helps you place your fingers, and the combination with the Daisy switches is one that works well. How this dynamic might change with the Cowberry switches (45g, 3.0mm total travel) is, unfortunately, something I cannot comment on, but the shallower depth and light actuation could see you typing faster, but potentially with more accidental presses.

Customization Using VIA

Another upgrade sure to please the wider mechanical keyboard community is Nuphy's switch to the popular VIA customization tool. Nuphy's blog details the changes in detail, but effectively, Nuphy split its team in two and set them working on Nuphy Console, its in-house tool, and VIA—and eventually, VIA won out.

nuphy air75 v2 in via
Image Credit: Gavin Phillips/MakeUseOf

VIA has an array of useful tools, including lighting, custom keys, macro programming, and more, and is a handy tool many mechanical keyboard users will already be familiar with.

Note that while VIA is meant to detect the Nuphy Air75 V2 automatically, it might not. If that's the case, you'll need the Air75 V2 JSON file. Download the file, then open it in VIA, and the Air75 V2 keyboard layout will load.

The Nuphy Air75 V2 Is a Worthy Upgrade

Nuphy goes from strength to strength, and the long-awaited Air75 V2 delivers upgrades in all the right places. What will appeal to most, though, is the price, with the Nuphy Air75 V2 retailing for $120, which is just ten bucks more than the Air75 V1.

Considering the enormous boost to battery life, upgrades to connectivity, and all-around build quality, it's safe to say Nuphy has done a great job here. If you're looking for a great quality, compact mechanical keyboard, give the Air75 V2 a try.

nuphy air75 v2 on desk side long view
Image Credit: Gavin Phillips/MakeUseOf
Nuphy Air75 V2
Editor's Choice
8.5 / 10

The upgraded Nuphy Air75 V2 offers a substantial 4,000mAh battery, enhanced 1,000Hz polling via 2.4GHz, and adopts VIA for easy customization. Maintaining a compact design, the Air75 V2 features improved connectivity and build quality, all at a slight price increment.