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gamakay lk75 keyboard top down view 1
What Is Keyboard Polling Rate and How Much Does It Matter?

Is faster always better? Just how fast should your keyboard polling rate be?

Hand holding Android smartphone with whatsapp open and keyboard displaying 1
The 5 Best Free and Open-Source Android Keyboard Apps

Want an Android keyboard app that's more private than Google's Gboard? Then try out these open-source alternatives.

nuphy air75 v2 on desk top down with extra tools and switches feature 1
Nuphy Air75 V2 Review: Excellent Sucessor Ticks All the Boxes

Releasing a new version of a fan favorite is always a risk, but Nuphy has done the original Air75 justice.

gateron black in switches on white keyboard feature 1
What Are Silent Mechanical Keyboard Switches and Do They Actually Work?

Just how quiet is a silent mechanical keyboard switch?

A black and white mechanical keyboard 1
Custom vs. Pre-Built: Which Mechanical Keyboard Should You Buy?

Custom mechanical keyboards give you so many options, but an off-the-shelf pre-built is often more than enough for most users.

samsung phone on a keyboard 1
How to Turn On or Off Autocorrect for Android and Samsung Devices

Here's how to turn on autocorrect on Android and Samsung devices, plus how to turn it off and tweak your autocorrect settings.

Typing on an Android phone 1
The 7 Best Keyboard Apps for Android

These Android keyboards will help you type faster, correct your grammar, or even offer senior-friendly big keys.

Samsung Galaxy phone besides a physical keyboard 1
How to Connect a USB Keyboard to Your Android Phone

Ever wanted to use a real keyboard on your Android device? Here's how to set up and configure a USB keyboard on an Android phone.

Mechanical Switch on Keyboard 1
6 Lesser-Known Mechanical Keyboard Switches You Should Check Out

There's more to life than Cherry or Gateron. Here are some of the lesser-known brands and types of mechanical keyboard switches.

How to Disable Specific Keys on Your Keyboard in Windows 10

Want to disable those keys on your Windows 10 keyboard that you never use? Here's how you can disable them for good.

gamakay lk75 keyboard whole view top down 1
Gamakay LK75 Review: Silent Typing and Photoshop Keycaps

Who wouldn't want a set of these keycaps?

keychron q1 pro top down with arm rest to side feature 1
Keychron Q1 Pro Review: Excellent Value, Premium Click-Clacking

The $200 entry-fee for the Keychron Q1 Pro seems high, but it delivers great value for a top-notch bit of kit.

QMK Logo over a mechanical keyboard 1
What Is QMK and How Do You Use It to Program Keyboards?

Create your own custom keyboard layouts and macros with QMK to turbocharge your productivity.

disable laptop keyboard windows 1
How to Disable the Built-In Laptop Keyboard in Windows

Disable your Windows laptop's keyboard and migrate to a bigger one with these tips.

Stabilizer under polycarbonate plate 1
5 Ways to Modify the Stabilizers on Your Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards make more noise than other keyboards, but sometimes they make more noise than they should. Here's how to fix that.

keyboard-input-lag 1
7 Ways to Fix Keyboard Input Lag on Windows 10 and 11

Is your keyboard lagging behind you on Windows 10 and 11? Here's how to get rid of this incredibly annoying issue.

person typing on phone 1
8 Tips for Typing Faster on Your Android Phone

Want to learn how to type faster or more accurately on your Android phone? Here are some top tips for better mobile typing.

chromebook-characters 1
How to Write Foreign Character Accents on a Chromebook

If you regularly communicate in a language that uses accents, such as French or Spanish, you will need to know how to type them using your Chromebook.

A QWERTY keyboard 1
Function Keys Not Working in Windows 10? Here's What to Do

If your Function keys aren't functioning, here are some easy fixes so you can take advantage of their convenience once again.

budget gaming keyboards 1
The Best Budget-Friendly Gaming Keyboards

Don't let a tight budget ruin your gaming performance!

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