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Different car tires 1
How Much Does Tire Choice Affect EV Range?

Your choice of EV tire affects the whole driving experience.

close up shot of tesla storefront 1
Tesla Car Recalls: Everything You Need to Know

From time to time, Tesla's are recalled, be it for safety, a new feature, or otherwise.

Tesla gold vinyl wrap 1
What Is a Tesla Vinyl Wrap, and Should You Get One?

Bored of Tesla's expensive and limited paint jobs? Try a Tesla Vinyl Wrap instead.

Silverado EV driving on a road 1
2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV: Powerful Electric Truck With 7 Fantastic Features

The Chevy Silverado EV packs plenty of power, range, and towing capacity, but is it enough?

Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE SUV front grille with horizontal elements 1
7 Things You Should Know About the 2024 Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV

In a sea of talented high-performance premium electric SUVs, the high-riding AMG EQE has many unique features to help it stand out.

Hyundai Bluelink app being shown on mobile phone, with Ioniq 6 car in the back 1
What Is Hyundai Bluelink, and What Does It Do?

Bluelink allows you to control many functions of your Hyundai vehicle via your phone.

F-150 Lightning vs Chevrolet Silverado EV both in red 1
Chevrolet Silverado EV vs. Ford F-150 Lightning: Which One Should You Buy?

Ford was the first of America's Big Three automakers to launch an electric pickup, but Chevrolet has also announced its Lightning rival.

A Tesla Cybertruck on a highway with mountain in the background 1
Can You Figure Out When You'll Have Your Tesla Cybertruck Based on Reservation Number?

If you've ordered a Cybertruck, you'll be desperate for it to arrive. But how can you figure out when that might be?

A Hummer EV in extract mode moving through rocks 1
The 10 EVs With the Best Frunks

In ditching a big and bulky combustion engine under the hood, EVs gained a front trunk, but not all frunks are created equal.

2023 Ford F-150 towing a boat.  1
What Are the Advantages of Hybrid Pickup Trucks and Which Should You Buy?

Get a boost in power and fuel economy without going for an all-electric pickup.

Rear three quarter view of a silver 2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ 1
Head to Head: Combustion Cadillac Escalade vs. Electric Escalade IQ

The new Escalade IQ may look a lot like the Escalade you're used to, but under the skin, it's a major departure.

Toyota BZ4X driving down a city road 1
8 Things That Make the 2023 Toyota BZ4X a Worthy Tesla Rival

The bZ4X is one of Toyota's first ever dedicated EVs and there's a lot to like about it.

rolls royce spectre ev side view 1
The 8 Most Luxurious Electric Vehicles

With its almost silent power delivery, electric drive is a perfect fit for luxury vehicles.

Tesla Model 3 Performance wheel 1
The 10 EVs With the Most Unique Wheel Designs

Many EVs are designed to appear quite different from their fuel-burning counterparts, and wheel designs play a big part in creating that unique look.

Rivian R1T out camping 1
What Is Rivian Camp Mode and How Does It Work?

Rivian's Camp Mode will automatically level the vehicle on an uneven surface to help elevate your camping experience.

cybertruck in the desert 1
How Much Is a Tesla Cybertruck and When Is the Release Date?

The Tesla Cybertruck is a hotly anticipated electric pickup truck and it feels like we've been waiting ages to get our hands on it.

2023 Subaru Solterra in blue 1
8 Things You Should Know About the 2023 Subaru Solterra EV

The Solterra electric crossover is mechanically identical to the Toytoa bZ4X, so it inherits many of that car's main qualities.

Silver 2024 Chevy Equinox in the street.  1
Chevy Equinox EV: What to Expect From the Affordable SUV

Why Chevy has a winner on its hands with the reasonably priced Equinox EV.

Ram 1500 REV vs F-150 Lightning side by side front view 1
Ram 1500 REV vs. Ford F-150 Lightning: Which Electric Pickup Is Better?

The Ford F-150 Lightning may have reached the market first, but the electric Ram 1500 Revolution is a more than worthy rival.

EV connected to a charger  1
8 Common EV Charging Problems That Need to Be Solved

As the number of electric vehicles increases, charging them is becoming increasingly difficult, plagued by some common issues.

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