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Foreign languages on keys and blue translate button 1
The 8 Best Mobile Apps for Learning and Improving English

Looking to learn English, or just want to improve your vocabulary? These English-learning apps for Android and iPhone can help.

Hand holding Android smartphone with whatsapp open and keyboard displaying 1
The 5 Best Free and Open-Source Android Keyboard Apps

Want an Android keyboard app that's more private than Google's Gboard? Then try out these open-source alternatives.

Notifications showing on an Android phone 1
4 Handy Apps to Manage Your Notifications on Android

Getting too many notifications on your Android phone? These apps will help you manage them better.

Digital artist drawing on an iPad 1
The 10 Best Drawing and Painting Apps for Digital Artists

If you're a digital artist, you should check out one or more of these drawing and painting apps for your device.

Amazon app on an iPhone 1
How to Find and Search Particular Storefronts in the Amazon App

If you have a preferred brand, it's better to browse for products by visiting the brand's storefront rather than sifting through search results.

Nothing Launcher on a OnePlus phone 1
How to Open RAR Files on Any Android Phone

Need to open and extract a RAR file on your Android device? Here's how to do it.

woman taking a photo with her phone 1
6 Android Gallery Apps That Are Better Than Google Photos

Looking for the best Android gallery apps to replace Google Photos? Here are six free gallery app alternatives worth a try.

landglide-featured 1
Can You Skip the Surveyor and Find Your Property Lines With LandGlide?

The LandGlide app makes it easy and affordable to find the property lines for your home. But is it enough to leave surveyors behind?

woman suffering from abdominal cramps and pain 1
8 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Manage and Track IBS

Monitor and learn about IBS symptoms, find recipes and meal inspiration, and better manage IBS with these apps.

A person using Instagram on iPhone 1
How to View Your Liked and Saved Posts on Instagram

Instagram has plenty of features beyond the standard news feed. If you want to view posts you've interacted with in the past, this guide is for you.

hand holding samsung phone 1
11 Unique Ways to Organize Your Android Apps

Got a lot of apps installed on your Android device? Here are some of the best ways to organize your phone apps.

Android phone and Google TV 1
How to Transfer Files Between Your Android Phone and Google TV

There's no built-in method for moving files between an Android phone and Google TV, but you can do it. Here's how.

android-apps-linux 1
How to Run Android Apps and Games on Linux

Want to run your favorite Android apps and games on your Linux PC? Here are some ways to run Android apps on Linux.

elderly man using smartphone while lying on sofa 1
The 8 Best Mental Health Apps for Seniors

Promote healthy aging by continuing to care for your mental health and sharpness with these mobile apps.

man on exercise bike 1
The 4 Best Cycling Apps for Indoor Trainers

Enjoy some of the world's most scenic bike rides without leaving home using these cycling training apps for Android and iOS.

Squeegee wiping dirt from Android phone screen 1
4 Android Cleaner Apps That Really Clean Up Your Device (No Placebos!)

Check out the best phone cleaner apps for Android that help you clear out junk files taking up space on your device.

woman lying in bed, alarm clock on table with evil face 1
The 6 Best Alarm Clock Apps That'll Force You Out of Bed

Love the snooze button too much? Use one of these alarm clock apps that guarantee you'll wake up on time, no matter how heavily you sleep!

crowd at a concert 1
The 10 Best Apps for Discovering Events Happening Around You

Wondering how to find events near you? These are the best apps for finding events in your area or anywhere you visit.

Typing on an Android phone 1
The 7 Best Keyboard Apps for Android

These Android keyboards will help you type faster, correct your grammar, or even offer senior-friendly big keys.

Black smartphone beside old book 1
The 7 Best Book-Writing Apps for Android

Get started on that book you always wanted to write with help from these Android apps for novelists and storytellers.

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