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Windows  1
How to Shut Down or Sleep Windows 10/11 With a Keyboard Shortcut: 5 Ways

Here are several Windows 10/11 sleep shortcuts that let you shut down your computer or put it to sleep with just the keyboard.

Mac and PC keyboards with Google Docs logo above 1
90+ Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

Speed up your Google Docs workflow with these essential keyboard shortcuts, available in a free downloadable cheat sheet.

Volume controls 1
How to Set Up Custom Volume Control Hotkeys in Windows 11

No volume controls on your keyboard? No problem. Here's how to make your own volume control hotkeys in Windows 11.

Keyboard keys  1
How to Set Up Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 11

Fancy adding some keyboard shortcuts of your own to Windows 11? Here's how to do it.

A Windows 10 laptop  1
8 Handy Windows 10 & 11 Command Shortcuts You Can Set Up With NirCmd

You can use NirCmd to make your own keyboard and desktop shortcuts. Here are some handy commands to get you started.

A keyboard and internet icons 1
How to Customize Keyboard Shortcuts in 6 Popular Web Browsers

While keyboard shortcuts are handy, they might not fit your workflow. Fortunately, you can customise them in apps. Here's how to in most web browsers.

Siri on a MacBook 1
How to Change the Keyboard Shortcut for Siri on a Mac

You can change Siri's default keyboard shortcut to whatever key you prefer. We'll show you how to do it.

MacBook half-closed with keyboard reflection 1
6 Apps to Customize Your Mac's Keyboard Behavior

These Mac keyboard apps will take your productivity to the next level. Here are some great keyboard apps for faster typing, navigation, and more.

Black keyboard 1
7 Ways to Fix Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working in Windows 10

Broken keyboard shortcuts are frustrating. Learn how to fix them in Windows 10.

Notion Logo with windows and Mac keyboards 1
130+ Notion Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

Notion is an excellent all-in-one workspace. Learn how to navigate and use it like a pro with these handy keyboard shortcuts.

two people using a windows laptop 1
How to Fix Windows Keyboard Shortcuts Activating While Typing

If you're trying to type a sentence but Windows instead activates every keyboard shortcut known to man, here's how to fix it.

person using a windows laptop 1
Is Win + P Not Working on Windows? Here's How to Fix It

Get the display-switching Windows hotkey fixed with this guide.

A person types on a MacBook keyboard while the MacBook sits on a desk 1
How to Set Up and Use Text Replacement Shortcuts on Your Apple Devices

Looking for a quick way to type common phrases or insert special characters? Take advantage of text replacements on your Apple devices.

man working on a excel project 1
7 Ways to Fix the Arrow Keys Not Working in Excel

Are your arrow keys not working in Excel? Here are some quick and easy fixes that will get you back to work.

MacBook Pro Keyboard 1
How to Create and Customize Keyboard Shortcuts on a Mac

macOS lets you tweak your default keyboard shortcuts and even create custom shortcuts for apps on your Mac. Here's how to do it.

iMac running Logic Pro next to speakers  1
15 Useful Logic Pro Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

If you want to streamline your Logic Pro workflow, memorize these essential keyboard shortcuts.

Loupedeck Live S with box 1
Loupedeck Live S Review: A Streaming Console That’s Not Just for Streamers

Loupedeck's newest console may be geared directly toward live streamers and gamers, but it also offers plenty of useful applications for everyone else

Browsing Facebook on PC and Phone 1
How to Add and Remove Shortcuts on Facebook

If you don't want shortcut icons clogging up your Facebook app, here's how to add or remove them.

MacBook keyboard on a marble tabletop 1
120+ Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

It's time to become a Mac productivity master thanks to our free cheat sheet of indispensable macOS keyboard shortcuts.

MacBook keyboard on a marble tabletop 1
How to Strip Formatting When You Copy and Paste Text: 5 Ways

Here's how to copy and paste without formatting, on both Windows and Mac, using several convenient methods.

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