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Ben is the Editor in Chief at MUO. After joining MUO in 2014 and earning a degree in Computer Information Systems, Ben left his IT job to go full-time with the site in 2016. 

As a writer, his specialties include Windows, Android, Gaming, and iPhone explainers and how-tos. His work has been viewed over 100 million times.

Now, as EIC, Ben leads MUO's overall strategy and guides the growing team of writers and editors to new successes.

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Windows  1
How to Shut Down or Sleep Windows 10/11 With a Keyboard Shortcut: 5 Ways

Here are several Windows 10/11 sleep shortcuts that let you shut down your computer or put it to sleep with just the keyboard.

Man about to throw laptop with a background of Windows blue screen of death error 1
How to Fix an Unmountable Boot Volume in Windows 10 (or 11)

Seeing the "unmountable boot volume" stop code in Windows 10 or 11? Learn how to troubleshoot an unmountable boot volume.

man holding phone showing credential entering screen 1
How to View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Android

Need to view the Wi-Fi password for a saved network on your Android phone? Here's everything you can do to find your Wi-Fi password using Android.

Wireless mouse and Windows logo on a green carpet 1
How to Fix a Mouse That Double-Clicks on a Single Click in Windows

Is a single click acting as a double-click on your mouse in Windows? Here are software and hardware fixes for this annoying problem.

Woman using Windows 10 laptop on a bed 1
3 Ways to Factory Reset Your Windows Computer

Learn how to factory reset Windows using several methods, including from boot and manually reinstalling.

Creepy figure in a dark field 1
13 Creepy and Disgusting Websites to Share With Friends

Looking for the most disgusting websites on the web? Here are some creepy and gross websites to check out and send to friends.

Spotify logo wearing a crown, in a sea of smaller Spotify logos 1
Is Spotify Premium Worth Its Premium Price?

Is Spotify Premium worth the cost? Let's see if you should sign up for Premium, and who it's not a fit for.

Is "Scam Likely" Calling You? Here's How to Block Them

What is "Scam Likely" and what does this message mean? We look at how to block "Scam Likely" calls and reduce spam.

Woman showing on a video call on an Android phone 1
Can You Get FaceTime for Android? Here's the Answer

FaceTime is Apple's video calling service, but can you get FaceTime for Android? And what is the Android version of FaceTime? Let's find out.

Outside of an Apple Store 1
6 Reasons to Buy Your iPhone Directly From Apple

For a lot of people, buying your iPhone unlocked from Apple is the best way to purchase the device. Here are the advantages of doing so.

Android showing storage menu, next to laptop on desk 1
How to Clear Cache on Android (And When You Should)

What are temporary app files? How do you clear the cache on Android? And when should you do it? Here's everything you need to know.

Google Play logo on Nexus 5 1
How to Change Country/Region in the Google Play Store

Here's how to change your account's Google Play Store country on an Android phone, along with warnings about what this entails.

Squeegee wiping dirt from Android phone screen 1
4 Android Cleaner Apps That Really Clean Up Your Device (No Placebos!)

Check out the best phone cleaner apps for Android that help you clear out junk files taking up space on your device.

Hand placing wooden circles with check marks on them onto a blue background 1
How to Get Verified on X (Twitter) and Get a Blue Check Mark

Here's how to get a blue check on X (Twitter) and what this signifies.

WhatsApp logo with computerized background 1
How to Recover Deleted Photos From WhatsApp

Learn how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp using several methods for various situations.

User browsing Telegram channels on a smartphone 1
The 10 Best Telegram Channels and How to Use Them

Looking for some interesting Telegram channels to join? Here are the best Telegram channels across a range of different topics.

check mark hovering above man's hand 1
What Do the Check Marks in Telegram Mean?

Here's what the check marks in Telegram mean, plus some potential reasons why your chat partner hasn't read your message yet.

Paper airplane on blue background 1
6 Reasons Why You Might Want to Stop Using Telegram

Telegram is a solid chat app, but it's not perfect. Here are some considerations to think about before using Telegram for your messages.

Girl streaming a video game on TV 1
PlayStation Plus vs. Xbox Game Pass: Which Is Better?

PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass both offer hundreds of games for one monthly price, but which is better value for money?

XBox Game Pass and PS Plus Essential cards 1
Xbox Game Pass Core vs. PlayStation Plus Essential: Which Is Better?

Here's a breakdown of what the base tiers of Game Pass and PlayStation Plus offer for gamers.

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