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Senior Writer for Social Media

About John Awa-abuon

John is a consumer technology writer at MUO. He leans on his decade-long experience using various social media platforms to create guides and share tips social media users find helpful. When experience doesn't do the trick, John relies on his research skills to deliver the final-say article for readers.

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the x twitter logo on a smartphone 1
Who Owns X (Formerly Twitter)? A Brief History of the Company

Here's a look at X's (formerly Twitter's) history and who currently owns the company.

image of person using a laptop 1
What Is a JFIF File? How to Convert One to JPG

While JFIF files aren't as common nowadays, understanding what they are and how to convert them to JPG can be handy.

facebook logo on a pastel background converted to grayscale 1
How to Recover Deleted Facebook Posts

Have you deleted a Facebook post accidentally and want to restore it? Here's how...

Google search engine 1
How to Generate AI Images in Google Search With a Text Description

You can now generate AI images directly from within Google Search. Making it easier than ever to conjure images from text descriptions.

A bunch of WhatsApp logos depicting multiple WhatsApp accounts 1
How to Create AI-Generated Stickers on WhatsApp

WhatsApp lets you create and send AI-generated stickers easily.

Microsoft Edge icon on a blank laptop screen 1
What Is Microsoft Edge Drop and How Does It Work?

Microsoft Edge Drop allows you to handily transfer files between your devices. Here's everything you need to know about the feature.

man holding phone with snapchat open 1
Snapchat's Age Requirements: How Old You Have to Be to Use Snapchat

Here's all you need to know about how old you have to be to use Snapchat.

photo of laptop showing bluesky profile page 1
How to Change Your Bluesky Name

Not happy with your Bluesky username or display name? Luckily, you can change it to something else.

Bluesky login screen 1
How to Delete Your Bluesky Account

If you're already tired of Bluesky, you are able to delete your account on the app.

Reddit icon in a red, white, and black labeled box 1
How Reddit's Contributor Program Can Earn You Cash for Contributions

Reddit has introduced a way for users to monetize content through its Contributor Program.

User using crypto app to track prices 1
10 Reasons Centralized Crypto Exchanges Are Great for Beginners

If you're just starting out in crypto, centralized exchanges have an excellent set of features and tools that make them perfect for newcomers.

Man working on a laptop 1
How to Reduce AI Hallucination With These 6 Prompting Techniques

Learn how to reduce AI hallucination with easy-to-use prompting techniques that work with any generative AI tool.

An Android user holding a phone in the hand sending a Telegram message 1
How to Read Telegram Messages Without Marking Them as Read

You can see a preview of Telegram chats without sending a read receipt.

red heart made out in binary code 1
6 Ways to Background Check Someone on a Dating App

If you're worried about whether your match on a dating app is who they say they are, you can use these tips to find out more about them.

The NVIDIA logo 1
What Is Nvidia's AI-Powered DLSS 3.5 and How Does It Work?

Nvidia has launched a new DLSS version, and it's better in almost every way.

reddit logo on smartphone 1
How to Crosspost on Reddit

Crossposting on Reddit is an easy way to share a post with multiple communities.

A person using Telegram on a smartphone 1
How to Post a Story on Telegram

If you want to share Stories on Telegram, here's all you need to know.

Photo of the Reddit logo on a screen 1
How to Delete Your Reddit Account

Reddit is a useful tool for meeting like-minded people and answering questions. But what if you've had enough of it?

image of an iphone showing app menu 1
Is a Sapphire Screen Protector Worth It? Sapphire vs. Tempered Glass Explained

Is a regular tempered glass protector all you need? Or should you upgrade to a sapphire screen protector?

Signal App splashscreen on android phone 1
How to Schedule Messages on Signal

You can schedule your messages on Signal to send at a later date or time.

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