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Abby is an honors graduate with a BA in Communication Arts, Major in Writing. She taught literature, writing, research, and job skills to young adults for over 9 years before shifting to a full-time writing career with digital marketing teams and nonprofits. A freelancer since 2012, she takes on writing, podcast editing, and other content editing side gigs. She writes about tech, freelance tools, and online learning platforms that help others upskill and advance their careers.

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person scrolling social media on a mobile phone 1
How to Use ChatGPT to Write Better Social Media Posts

Want your social media posts to stand out? Learn how to use ChatGPT to write more engaging and effective social media content.

smiling woman in a restaurant using her laptop 1
6 Ways to Use ChatGPT for Remote and Freelance Work

Wondering how to boost your remote or freelance work with ChatGPT? Here are some ways to use ChatGPT to help you get the job done.

man wearing glasses and blue shirt using a macbook 1
How to Use ChatGPT as Your Personal Assistant for Work

Do you want to save time and be more productive at work? Learn how to use ChatGPT as your personal assistant.

person using chatgpt on their laptop 1
How to Protect Your Privacy When Using ChatGPT for Work

Worried about your privacy when using ChatGPT for work? Here are some tips to keep your data safe.

man in yellow shirt and glasses smiling while in an office meeting 1
8 Reasons Why You Should Work a Full-Time Job Before Freelancing

Are you thinking about becoming a freelancer? Here are some reasons why you should work a full-time job first.

teacher interacting with four students in the library 1
The 6 Best AI Tools for Researchers and Teachers

Artificial intelligence can, when used correctly, offer several benefits for researchers and teachers. Here are some tools to help with your efforts.

woman wearing a white blouse typing intently on laptop 1
7 Job Search Websites to Help You Change Careers

Are you thinking about changing careers? Here are some of the best job search websites to help you get started.

chatgpt on a mobile device beside a laptop 1
6 Reasons Why Job Seekers and Workers Should Learn to Use ChatGPT

Want to future-proof your career? Here are several reasons why learning ChatGPT can skyrocket your professional growth.

woman with an open laptop looking thoughtful  1
How to Know if You Need to Change Careers, and What to Do Next

Feeling stuck in your career? Wondering if it's time for a change? Here's how to assess if you need a career change and take the next steps.

Smiling man enjoying music on his headphones and wearing a business suit 1
The Top 6 Podcasts to Boost Your Work Performance and Career Growth

In need of a motivational boost for work? Check out these podcasts that will inspire and elevate your work life to new heights.

LinkedIn App and Profile on Smartphone 1
How to Use LinkedIn to Research Your Next Job

If you're seeking a new job, don't overlook LinkedIn as a valuable research resource.

beautiful woman sitting at her office and holding a coffee cup  1
What Is a Subject Matter Expert (SME)? 7 Online Jobs in This Field

Passionate about sharing your expertise? Learn more about the role of subject matter experts (SMEs) and find online jobs that value your expertise.

Close-up of Linkedin Page on Smartphone Screen 1
8 Ways to Effectively Display Your Skills on LinkedIn

Want to showcase your skills on LinkedIn? Here are some powerful strategies to highlight your expertise and attract potential opportunities.

Resume on the table with plant and cup of coffee 1
How to Create a One-Page Resume

Want to make a great first impression? Learn how to create a one-page resume that will get you noticed.

three women smiling with open laptops on their laps 1
The 7 Best Jobs in Educational Technology

Learn about the best job opportunities in educational technology and shape the future of learning.

mobile phone with ChatGPT open, camera, and dell laptop on top of a table  1
4 Mistakes to Avoid When Using ChatGPT for Content Creation

Using ChatGPT for content creation? Stay ahead by avoiding these common mistakes to maximize its potential.

man in gray shirt using chatgpt on his laptop 1
The Top 5 Online Courses for Mastering AI Prompt Engineering

Want to get really good at AI prompt engineering? Here are some online courses that make it simple and fun.

woman freelancer in dark green blouse looking at her laptop while working at home 1
7 Simple Freelancing Jobs You Can Learn Easily

Interested in freelance opportunities? Here are some straightforward jobs you can quickly learn to kickstart your freelance career.

Person using chatGPT on his laptop 1
What Is AI Prompt Engineering, and Is It a Stable Career Path?

Curious about AI Prompt Engineering as a career path? Find out what it is and whether it's a stable career choice in today's job market.

Mother and son learning on a computer 1
The 7 Best Websites to Help Kids Learn About AI and Machine Learning

With the rise of AI and machine learning, kids may want to learn more about the subject. Here are the best sites and resources to help them learn.

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