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A person using Google Chrome on a MacBook 1
How to Uninstall Chrome on a Mac

Want to know how to uninstall Google Chrome on your Mac? Here are some simple instructions to follow.

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How to Easily Switch from Chrome to Another Browser Without Losing Bookmarks and Other Settings

Looking to switch from Chrome to another browser? Here's how you can make the jump without losing any of your bookmarks or other settings.

Google Chrome on Mac 1
How to Get Google Chrome on Your Mac

Thinking of trying Google Chrome on your Mac? Here's how to download it.

laptop with tor and chrome logos on screen 1
Tor vs. Chrome: Which Browser Is Best?

Tor and Google Chrome are two very different browsers, catering for different needs. But which option is best? Here, we compare the two.

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How to Share Highlights as Links on Chrome

Highlighted something interesting you've found while browsing online? Using this Chrome feature, you can share your highlight as a link to others.

vivaldi screenshot with logo 1
10 Vivaldi Features That Google Chrome Doesn’t Have

Vivaldi is a popular alternative browser to use, thanks to the features it offers. Here's what it provides over Google Chrome.

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How to Delete Bookmarks in Chrome

Saved a website you no longer need in Google Chrome? Here's how you can delete bookmarks in Chrome to remove the sites you no longer need saved.

How to import passwords into Chrome 1
4 Easy Ways to Import Passwords Into Chrome

Switching from another browser to Google Chrome? You can easily transfer your passwords over with these built-in methods.

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Can’t Upload Files in Google Chrome for Windows? Try These Fixes

Get back up uploading files in Chrome for Windows with these fixes.

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The 10 Best Chrome Extensions for People With ADHD

Living with ADHD poses problems for your focus and productivity. These Chrome extensions aim to help by limiting distractions and more.

A laptop in dark room 1
How to Apply Dark Mode to Websites in Google Chrome 

Does the white background that most websites use blind you? Here's how you can force dark mode on various pages on Chrome.

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How to View Desktop Version of Any Site on Mobile

Most websites are optimized for mobile, but that doesn't mean you can't view the desktop version on your smartphone.

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Is Google Password Manager Safe and Secure?

Google might ask you if you want it to store your login credentials, but can you trust Google's own Password Manager? Is it safe to use?

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How to Import Chrome Extensions Into Firefox

Are you switching browsers? Here's how you can import your Chrome extensions into Firefox to get you started.

Recpatcha icon on code background 1
How to Browse the Web Without CAPTCHAs on Chrome

Hate filling out CAPTCHAs when you browse? One Google Chrome feature could help you skip them. Here's how to browse without them on Chrome.

YouTube website opened on a laptop 1
5 Chrome Extensions to Download YouTube Videos

If you've come across a video you like on YouTube, you may have wanted to download it. Here are five Chrome extensions that let you download videos.

The Chrome logo 1
7 Advanced Chrome Features to Make Browsing Faster

Looking to save time while you browse online? Try these advanced Chrome features to speed up your browsing.

How to Change the Google Background in Chrome

Bored with Google Chrome's appearance? Here's how you can make it look a lot less bland by changing the background with themes.

Laptop Placed on a Table Close to Window With Chrome Open Showing Error to Give Chrome Exclusive Access Through Firewall 1
How to Fix the "Allow Chrome to Access the Network in Your Firewall or Antivirus Settings" Error on Windows

Sometimes Chrome has issues connecting to the network. Here's how to get it fixed on Windows.

Outlook not loading on Google Chrome frustration 1
5 Easy Fixes if Outlook Isn’t Loading in Google Chrome

Having problems accessing your emails in Chrome? If Outlook isn’t loading in your browser, follow this step-by-step guide to quickly fix the problem.

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