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transfer music ipod pc 1
How to Transfer Music From an Old iPod to Your Computer or iPhone

Here's how to transfer music from your iPod to a computer or iPhone to salvage music on an old iPod and sync it to your library.

Steve Jobs biography with iPhone 1
How Apple Has Changed Since the Passing of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was undoubtedly a marketing genius, but has Apple learned to adapt without him? Let's see how Apple has fared without Steve Jobs so far.

A third-generation iPod starting up, displaying the Apple logo 1
How to Force Restart a Frozen iPod

Has your iPod stopped working? Is it stuck and unresponsive? Follow this guide to learn how to force restart any iPod to fix most software glitches.

Man speaking at Apple event 1
The 6 Worst Apple Products of the 21st Century

Apple may have taken over the tech industry in the 21st century, but the company released some underwhelming products too.

Apple Macintosh on dark background 1
7 Vintage Apple Products That Could Be Worth Big Money Today

We all know that Apple products are expensive, but the rarity of some of these vintage Apple products has sent their value through the roof.

Holding an AirTag 1
The 6 Most Innovative Apple Products of the 21st Century

We’ve seen countless product releases from Apple over the years, but these were the most exciting Apple products of the 21st century.

White iPod on dark background 1
5 Ways the iPod Paved the Way for the iPhone

Apple’s iPod was a revolutionary device. In fact, we never would have gotten a modern iPhone without it.

Using Original iPod Featured 1
Using the Original iPod in 2022: Can It Be Done?

With iPod discontinued, many people are digging out their old players for nostalgia. But can you still use the original iPod in 2022? Let's find out.

Steve Jobs holding iPhone 1
How Apple and Steve Jobs Changed the World

Apple’s success was built on decades of innovation that changed the way we look at technology.

iPod Classic lying on a table 1
A Complete History of the iPod: From 2001 to 2022

Spanning just over two decades, the history of the iPod introduced us to numerous models and changed the world’s relationship to music.

iPod Nano in blue color 1
Why Has Apple Discontinued the iPod?

The iPod was iconic, but its illustrious position in Apple’s product lineup has come to an end.

iPod on fabric 1
The iPod Is Dead: Here Are 3 Reasons Why Apple Is Making a Big Mistake

Apple has announced the iPod will only be available “while stocks last.” But here’s why we think the iPod deserves to stick around.

Apple Discontinue iPod Featured 1
Apple Is Right to Discontinue the iPod, Unfortunate as It Is

Apple officially discontinued the iPod, marking the end for the 20-year-old device. Unfortunate as it is, Apple made the right decision. Here's why.

Apple devices in boxes 1
How to Check If Your Apple Device Is Eligible for Recall

Sometimes, batches of Apple products suffer major manufacturing faults that need to be recalled. Apple repairs devices for free when this happens.

Apple TV 1
The New Apple TV Siri Remote Was Inspired by the iPod Click Wheel

If you thought it looked nostalgically familiar, now you know why.

transfer music ipod pc 1
How to Fix Common iPod Sync Problems: 12 Tips Worth Trying

Having problems syncing your iPod with your computer? Here are various ways to fix the problem.

old-ipod 1
What to Do With Your Old iPod: 6 Great Ideas

We've all done it. You buy a shiny new piece of kit at an exorbitant price, and two years later it's in the back of a drawer collecting dust — alongside your old iPod.

apple-serial-number 1
How to Find the Serial Number for Any Apple Device

Need to find the serial number of your Apple device? Here's how to locate the serial number of an iPhone, Mac, Apple TV, and more.

apple-earpods 1
Are Apple's Free EarPods Really That Bad?

How good are Apple's earphones? We examine the EarPods's sound quality to help you decide whether you should use them.

Should You Still Buy an MP3 Player?

Here are the pros and cons of using MP3 players and help you decide whether it's worth buying an MP3 player these days.

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