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How to Make Pixel Art: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Want to start making pixel art? Here's all you need to know to get started.

pencils with android phone 1
The 11 Best Drawing and Painting Apps for Android

Here are the best painting apps for Android that let you draw, sketch, and create digital art on your phone or tablet.

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The 6 Best Pixel Art Apps for Android and iPhone

These powerful pixel art apps allow you to create pixel-perfect artwork on your phone while on the go.

Twinkly Squares LEDs 1
Twinkly Squares Add a Touch of Magic to Your Home

LED lights meet pixel art and animated GIFs.

Divoom Pixel 16 1
Wall Mounted Pixel Art and Social Integrations With the Divoom Pixoo 16

Fun, colorful, and easy to use, the Divoom Pixoo 16 offers the ability to create or display pixel art from its vast community platform.

a-drawing-and-google-docs 1
How to Draw on Google Docs

Would you like to spruce up your Google Doc with a drawing? It's easier than you think.

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Divoom Pixoo 64 Review: Display Live Subscriber Stats and Crypto Prices

The Pixoo 64 is a large pixel art display with added smart features for crypto, stock, and social influencer stats.

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An Introduction to Aseprite: The Best Pixel Art Tool Available

Aseprite is full of pixel art-specific tools, making it one of the best sprite editors you can find.

Artfol (web) profile card preview 1
You Can Now Preview Your Artfol Card in a Browser

There isn't much on it yet, but it's a start. For now, you'll still need the app if you want the full Artfol experience.

Preview of Artfol's dark mode 1
Artfol Adds Dark Mode Due to Popular Demand

The "social network for artists" now gives you the option to go dark.

preview of artful app 1
Artfol Finally Makes Its Long-Awaited Debut on iOS

The online art community has been buzzing about Artfol for months now, and finally, artists on iOS can give it a whirl.

procreate logo paint 1
Procreate Celebrates 10 Years of Drawing on iPads

Instead of blowing out candles, the app's creators are remastering some of its brushes, so we all get a birthday gift!

This Tool Can Turn 2D Pixel Art Into 3D Models

3D modeling has a steep learning curve, and KenShape hopes to flatten it somewhat.

pixo max featured image lego 1
Pixoo Max: The Best Pixel Display Yet, at a Budget Price

A gorgeous pixel art display screen without any fluff, and at a great budget price point. If you've been waiting for the right time to grab a Divoom display, we think you'll like this one.

Divoom Ditoo desktop pixel art display 1
The Cutest Speaker You've Ever Seen: Divoom Ditoo

The best looking desktop pixel display Divoom has made yet, but if you want a more powerful speaker or don't particularly care about the retro PC aesthetic, look elsewhere in the Divoom range.

Divoom Tivoo Max featured image 1
The Tivoo Max is a Retro Pixel Art Display That Doubles as a Thumping Bluetooth Speaker

The Tivoo Max is a gorgeous pixel display, nice bassy speaker, with a wide selection of features and massive library of pixel art–all wrapped up in a chic retro TV package. It'll look fantastic no matter where you put it, and add a little magic to your room.

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The 11 Best Pixel Art Tools to Create Pixel Perfect Artwork

Do you want to try your hand at creating pixel perfect artwork? These pixel art tools will help you get started.

Nanoleaf Light Panels: Smart Lighting Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

Nanoleaf Rhythm is the coolest smart lighting kit, ever: customizable, modular, expandable, and visible even in the daytime. The music reactive Rhythm mode is incredible, and it doesn't need a smartphone to work. Compatible with all the major voice assistants.

Use This Tool to Make 2D Pixel Sprites Online for Free

Video game sprite art is awesome, but tough to get just right. Here's an online editor that's full-featured and totally free to make the job easier.

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