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lady focusing on task at hand 1
How to Enable the Do Not Disturb Mode on Ubuntu

Get rid of all distractions and focus on the task at hand by enabling the Do Not Disturb mode on Ubuntu.

lady frustasted with a package manager error on ubuntu 1
5 Ways to Fix the “E: Unable to Locate Package” Error on Ubuntu

If you run into the "E: Unable to locate package" error while installing packages on Ubuntu, don't worry, as it's easy to fix it.

set up multiple monitors ubuntu 1
How to Use Multiple External Displays in Ubuntu

Setting up multiple external displays to Ubuntu is easier than you might think. Here's how to get started.

firefox running on a linux laptop 1
How to Install Mozilla Firefox on Ubuntu: 5 Ways

Want a better browsing experience on your Linux PC? Here are five ways to install Mozilla Firefox on Ubuntu.

ubuntu-static-ip-settings 1
How to Configure Static IP Address on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and 22.10

Switching from dynamic IP allocation to static IP addresses is easy on Ubuntu 22.04 "Jammy Jellyfish" and 22.10.

16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro in the background with the Linux logo placed on top 1
How to Install and Run Linux on an Apple Silicon Mac

Virtualization software makes it easy to run Linux on an Apple silicon Mac. Whether you want to use Parallels Desktop or UTM, we've got you covered.

Close Up Photo of a Seahorse 1
How to Easily Encrypt and Decrypt Files With Seahorse on Ubuntu

Learn more about security and encryption using Seahorse in Linux.

a swarm of jellyfish 1
How to Install Ubuntu on Your PC Using the Mini ISO

If you resent the idea of downloading a multi-gigabyte ISO, why not use the Mini ISO to install Ubuntu on your PC instead?

Upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS release on system 1
The 4 Best New Features in Ubuntu 22.04.3

Ubuntu 22.04.3 has finally been released with several new improvements, bug fixes, and latest apps.

How to Install Wine on Ubuntu to Run Windows Software

Need to run Windows software on Linux? Here's how to download and install Wine on Ubuntu.

installing teamviewer on linux 1
How to Download and Install TeamViewer on Linux

Need to remotely access another computer or accept remote access to your Linux PC? Here's how to use TeamViewer on Linux.

Penguin image on a notepad background 1
How to Install the Notepad++ Editor on Ubuntu

If you need a powerful code or text editor for your Ubuntu PC, here's a step-by-step guide to installing Notepad++.

man sleeping under tree 1
12 Things That Are Easier to Do in the Linux Command Line

Sometimes it's just faster and easier to use the command line on Linux. Who needs a GUI, anyway?

Install Ubuntu in VirtualBox 1
How to Install Ubuntu in VirtualBox

Want to try Linux without installing it on a PC? Here's how to install Ubuntu 22.04 in VirtualBox.

ubuntu 23.04 login error in vmware 1
How to Fix the Ubuntu 23.04 Login Error on VMware

Need help going past the Ubuntu 23.04 login screen on VMware? Here's how to fix the login problem!

engineer working on multiple monitors to show the power of virtual desktops 1
How to Create and Manage Workspaces on Ubuntu

Workspaces help you manage open windows and improve productivity when properly used. Here's how you can create and use workspaces on Ubuntu.

reset password on ubuntu 1
How to Quickly Reset a Forgotten Password on Ubuntu

If you've somehow forgotten your Ubuntu password, don't worry, it's easy to log back in to your system by resetting the password.

Installing Ubuntu on a USB Drive 1
How to Install Ubuntu on a USB Drive

If you want a portable Linux installation that you can use on the go, consider installing Ubuntu on a USB drive.

ubuntu running as a docker container 1
How to Run Ubuntu as a Docker Container

Rather than installing Ubuntu on a virtual machine, you can choose to install it as a Docker container.

Snap Store linux 1
What to Expect From Ubuntu Core Desktop: A Snap-Only Version of Ubuntu

An official Snap-only, immutable version of the Ubuntu desktop is in the works. Here's what you can expect from the new Snapified Ubuntu desktop.

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