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Sharqa is a technical content writer who specializes in creating high-quality, valuable, and SEO-optimized content. She has delivered content related to different operating systems, programming languages, GUI-based apps, IT, and Technology.

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A man using laptop 1
How to Install Synaptic Package Manager on Ubuntu

If you prefer using graphical package managers to get software, consider installing Synaptic on your Ubuntu PC.

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How to Disable IPv6 on Ubuntu

Thinking of disabling IPv6 on your Ubuntu PC? Here's how to disable it both permanently and temporarily.

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How to Boot Into Rescue Mode in Ubuntu

The Rescue or Emergency mode in Ubuntu can help you troubleshoot and fix system problems. Here's how to boot your Ubuntu PC into Rescue mode.

A man using filezilla on ubuntu 1
How to Install FileZilla on Ubuntu

Need to manage files on a remote server from your Ubuntu PC? Check out FileZilla, a free-to-use FTP client for Linux.

essential tools to remember Linux commands 1
5 Essential Tools to Remember Linux Commands

With these helpful tools by your side, searching for the correct Linux command to do something becomes a cinch.

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The 8 Best Markdown Editors for Linux

Looking for an easy-to-use Markdown editor for your Linux PC? Here are some of the best options.

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The Top 5 Free GIF Recorders for Linux

Create eye-catching animations and screen tutorials with these free GIF-recording Linux apps.

Coverting PDF to Word on Linux 1
The 7 Best PDF-to-Word Converters for Linux

Want to edit a PDF but need to convert it to a Word file first? Check out these free-to-use PDF-to-Word converters for Linux.

A man sitting in front of laptop while editing a video 1
The 8 Best Linux Apps for Content Creators

If you're a content creator working with Linux, check out these open-source apps to transform your ideas into engaging videos and visual stories.

A girl editing an image on laptop 1
The Top 9 Free-to-Use Image-Editing Apps for Linux

A plain picture can sometimes be boring. Transform your images into works of art by processing them with these free image-editing Linux apps.

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How to Convert IMG File to VDI File Using Oracle VirtualBox

It's easy to convert files using VirtualBox.

Audio editors for linux 1
The 9 Best Audio Editors for Linux

Whether you're a professional music producer or just want to try your hand at audio editing, these free audio editing Linux apps are a godsend.

A woman taking notes on her Linux laptop 1
The Top 10 Note-Taking Apps for Linux

Want to get better at managing your routine and planning daily events? Try out these note-taking apps on your Linux PC.

Configuring Firewall with UFW in Debian 1
How to Configure a Firewall on Debian With UFW

Take the first steps toward securing your Debian machine by installing UFW and configuring some basic firewall rules.

Upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS release on system 1
The 4 Best New Features in Ubuntu 22.04.3

Ubuntu 22.04.3 has finally been released with several new improvements, bug fixes, and latest apps.

Apps running on Debian system 1
The Top 12 Must-Have Apps for Debian Users

Installing Debian on your PC is a cinch, but finding apps to install afterward is tough. Here's a list of the best Debian apps to install on your PC.

A laptop having Debian operating system installed on VirtualBox 1
How to Install Debian on VirtualBox

Fancy trying out Debian but don't want to devote and entire PC to it? No problem, you can simply install Debian in a virtual machine.

Debian 12 logo with Text 1
What’s New in Debian 12.1? Features and Bug Fixes to Look Out For

Debian 12.1 is now available to install, with a bunch of new features and bug fixes.