Denis Manyinsa-Staff Writer for Security

Denis Manyinsa

Staff Writer for Security

About Denis Manyinsa

Denis is an environmental science graduate who started freelance writing in 2016, while still working as a loan officer. He mostly writes on topics related to cybersecurity threats, security vulnerabilities, and cloud security best practices. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, watching movies, and listening to music.

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An illustration of a VPN on PC 1
Should You Use a Free VPN Chrome Extension?

Here are the pros and cons of installing a free VPN add-on to your Google Chrome browser.

A black and white mechanical keyboard 1
Custom vs. Pre-Built: Which Mechanical Keyboard Should You Buy?

Custom mechanical keyboards give you so many options, but an off-the-shelf pre-built is often more than enough for most users.

Duolingo icon in 3D 1
Were You Hit by the Duolingo Data Breach? Here’s What to Do Next

The language-learning app, Duolingo, was hacked, so cybercriminals might have access to your name and location. Here's why that matters.

An illustration of fake ChatGPT logos 1
These 9 Fake ChatGPT Virus and Malware Apps Can Steal Your Data

Does ChatGPT have viruses? Malicious counterparts certainly do. Here are nine fake chatbot alternatives that you need to steer clear of.

mental health spelled with tiles next to small plant 1
9 of the Best Mental Health Websites for Men

It can often be difficult for men to talk about mental health, but there are plenty of online resources.

Graphic illustration of a spy figure with the word spyware  1
How to Check for Spyware on Your Android Device

Worried that your Android phone might have been infected with spyware? Here's how to check, and how to remove it.

Row of printer ink cartridges inside a printer 1
Why Is Printer Ink So Expensive and How Can You Print More for Less?

Printing is expensive, there's no doubt about it. But are there ways you can bring the costs down?

Cloud with key illustrating BYOK 1
What Is Bring Your Own Key, and Why Is It Important?

Worried about how data is kept in the cloud? Encryption is vital, but still has its issues. That's where BYOK comes in.

White car in garage 1
9 Must-Have Smart Gadgets for Your Garage

Make your garage a part of a smart home with these handy products.

DVD package from DVD-com 1
7 Alternatives to Netflix for Renting DVDs

Yes, you can still rent DVDs. And these are the best platforms to help you find the best recommendation for your next movie night.

Network security concept 1
What Is Network Security? How It Works and Why It's Important

You've probably come across the significance of network security, but what exactly makes it so crucial?

Media elements and the text  1
The 4 Best Open-Source Antivirus Software for PC

Looking for an antivirus suite that lets you check out the source code? Open-source antivirus software could be the solution.

Tesla Powerwall installed outside a home  1
9 Benefits of Using a Home Battery Backup

Are you considering a home backup battery? Here are some advantages of the technology.

A graphics card and fingerprints illustrating GPU fingerprinting 1
Can Your GPU Be Used to Track You Online?

It's easy to block cookies, but what can you do to stop someone from identifying you by looking at your GPU?

Sunpower SunVault in a residential home  1
How to Choose the Best Home Battery Backup

We're here to help you find the best home backup battery to use when the lights go out.

A man in suit holding documents and talking to a lady 1
Why Is Security Incident Reporting Important?

When bad things happen, you need to tell someone.

USB cable plugged into a laptop's USB port 1
The 9 Best USB Port Locking Software

Hackers can infect your device or steal data via a malicious USB. A USB locking tool, then, is perfect to battle opportunistic cybercriminals.

A person holding the hand of a distressed child 1
What Is Sharenting? And Why You Should Avoid Doing It

Here's what you should know about sharenting and why it's in your child's interests to avoid doing it.

A person using a search engine on a tablet 1
The Top 11 Search Engines Used by Security Researchers

Ever wonder how cybersecurity professionals find information? These are some of the tools of the trade.

An illustration of a robot-human handshake 1
7 Generative AI Startups You Should Keep an Eye On

It's not just ChatGPT and Midjourney leading the generative AI revolution.

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