What Is MUO All About?

Founded in 2006, MakeUseOf’s mission is to teach the world how to use and understand technology. Our staff is made up of technology enthusiasts who provide tech tips, tricks, explainers, advice, and more; readers should take something practical away from every article. Unlike industry sites that cater to technology insiders, we make tech accessible and approachable to everyone.

Whether you’re interested in Android apps, understanding macOS, learning how to program, or increasing your personal productivity, you’ll find a wealth of guides written by experts as if they’re explaining something to a friend. Our articles provide clear instructions with no fluff, along with helpful images and links for further reading.

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MUO features over 15 verticals that each cover a different platform or aspect of technology. Check out the below sampling of our top work to get an idea of what we cover:

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Want to Write for MUO?

You might be a great fit as an MUO writer if you resonate with the following:

  • Your friends come to you when they need advice on what device to buy or app to use.
  • You enjoy playing with new gadgets and figuring out everything they can do.
  • You’re great at fixing your computer when something goes wrong.
  • You’re able to cut through marketing fluff and explain what really matters to normal people.
  • You have a mastery of writing in English and are able to clearly communicate technical information in a clear manner.
  • You’re able to follow a style guide and work with editors to make your articles as strong as possible.

If this sounds like you, apply to write for MUO through one of our open positions below! If your sample is approved by our team, we’ll get you started in our training program.

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