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Elvis Gwaro

Contributor for Tech Explained

About Elvis Gwaro

Elvis Gwaro is a technical writer specializing in crypto and Web3 content. He actively invests in and advocates for the adoption of crypto and Web3 projects.

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A Macbook with an opened website 1
How to Create a Decentralized Website

Decentralized websites are becoming more commonplace as Web3 gains popularity. Here's how to create a decentralized site.

Ethereum blockchain on a black background with red and white lines 1
What Is EIP-7514 and How Will It Fix Ethereum's Broken Staking System?

The volume of Ethereum staked is beginning to cause network issues, but the Ethereum development team has a solution.

Blockchain Illustration 1
Top 10 Blockchain Domain Name Systems

Web3 is picking up pace, and grabbing a blockchain-based domain name early could be worthwhile.

Illustration of decentralized websites 1
What Is a Decentralized Website? How Does the Decentralized Web Work?

The internet is slowly shifting to a new model, and it should mean less censorship and more uptime.

silhouette photography of man in front of a screen 1
The Top 7 Anonymity Networks for Improving Online Privacy

Various technologies can help keep your data private online. Here are some of the best ways to stay anonymous.

web3 domain platform logos displayed on a laptop 1
The Top 7 Web3 Domain Names Registry Platforms

Looking to set up a Web3 site and explore the blockchain-powered web? Here are the best domain registrars you can use.

Green rope meshwork with an internet globe icon 1
What Is a MixNet and How Does It Work?

Looking for privacy and anonymity online? Don't immediately turn to VPNs or Tor: MixNets could be the answer.

A MacBook with bockchain technology displayed on screen 1
The Top 7 On-Chain Privacy Technologies

Blockchains aren't just for crypto. Let's see what they offer in terms of privacy.

A lady joyfully staring a phone with coins floating above it 1
What Are Social Tokens? How Do They Work?

You've heard of crypto tokens, but are social tokens the same thing?

Bitcoin wallet in 3D with bitcoins and inbox notification icons  1
The Top 8 Web3 Messaging Platforms

Looking to try out more secure messaging over Web3? Try one of these top messaging platforms that uses the blockchain to help you communicate.

Telegram crypto bots 1
What Are Telegram Crypto Bots and How Do They Work?

Did you know Telegram bots can trade crypto?

A coding interface with Solidity code 1
The Top 10 Web3 Development Platforms

Developing with blockchain technology is exciting but brings with it some tricky concepts. These platforms simplify the complexity.

web3 messaging design concept using keyboard projected on table feature 1
What Is Web3 Messaging and How Does It Work?

Just as the internet is evolving, so is instant messaging. Here's how.

a person holding up a smart phone with an app on the screen 1
What Is Digital Trust and Why Is It Vital for Safe Online Transactions?

Whenever you use a service, you're placing a certain amount of trust in them. That's why it's vital businesses prove themselves responsible.

Hot air balloons carrying bitcoin and ethereum symbol coins 1
What Is a Crypto Airdrop and How Does It Work?

Free crypto is great, but it always has strings attached.

A masked man besides a digital billboard staring at the camera while shushing 1
What Is a Reentrancy Attack and How Does It Work?

Here's how one of the most common smart contract hacks that cost Web 3 companies millions takes place...

group of women doing yoga and ChatGPT with strong arms 1
8 ChatGPT Plugins for Fitness and Wellness

Keeping yourself fit is crucial for enjoying other areas of your life, and did you know that ChatGPT has plugins to help you out?

Mail Icon in 3D with a Bitcoin Notification Icon 1
10 Must-Read Crypto and Blockchain Newsletters

Hoping to keep up-to-date with the latest blockchain news? These must-read newsletters will bring you the latest in crypto.

Coinbase Wallet 3D icon with a messages notification  1
What Is Coinbase Wallet Messaging and How Does It Work?

Direct messaging using a crypto wallet? Yes please.

ChatGPT PDF Icons attached 1
10 ChatGPT PDF Plugins That Can Save You Time and Effort

Do you spend hours every week working with PDFs? Here are some ChatGPT PDF plugins that can save you time and effort.

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