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Noble Okafor

Staff Writer for Programming

About Noble Okafor

Noble Okafor is a skilled software engineer with over 3 years of navigating the programming field. He has a passion for building optimized JavaScript, native and cross-platform mobile and web software solutions. He strives to document his knowledge and lessons through his technical articles with over a year of experience in writing. The primary focus and aim of these articles is to simplify the complexities around software engineering topics.

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The Angular logo, a large white letter A on a red abstract shape looking roughly like a shield 1
How to Build Custom Directives in Angular

Angular's custom directives offer a robust mechanism for modifying the DOM and incorporating dynamic behavior into your templates.

React Logo overlaying an image of someone using a laptop and a mobile phone 1
useEffect, useLayoutEffect, and useEffectEvent: A Comparison of Data Fetching Hooks in React

Explore React's data fetching hooks—useEffect, useLayoutEffect, and useEffectEvent—comparing their functionalities for efficient app development.

Svelte logo overlaying a macbook laptop 1
How to Use Slots in Svelte

Slots make passing data from one component to another easier. Learn how to begin using them to create dynamic components.

React Logo overlaying an image of someone using a laptop and a mobile phone 1
4 Best Unstyled Component Libraries for Building Customizable React Apps

These handy libraries could be a perfect choice for building and customizing your React apps with ease.

Svelte logo overlaying a macbook laptop 1
Svelte Lifecycle Hooks: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Discover how to run code at various points of your components’ lifecycle.

A laptop sitting on a counter in front of a window. The laptop has some JavaScript code on the screen. 1
How to Document JavaScript Code Using JSDoc

Proper code documentation is vital for maintainability. Using JSDocs, you can embed it right inside your code so it’s always at hand.

Svelte logo overlaying a macbook laptop 1
A Guide to Routing in SvelteKit

Implement the routing system for your application with the help of this guide.

The Angular logo, a large white letter A on a red abstract shape looking roughly like a shield 1
A Comprehensive Guide to Pipes in Angular

Make data transformation in Angular applications easier with the help of Angular pipes.

JavaScript logo on top of book 1
What Is the Event Loop and How Does It Improve App Performance?

JavaScript's execution model is nuanced and easy to misunderstand. Learning about the event loop at its core can help.

A developer writing React code on a laptop. 1
Building Engaging Notifications With Toastr in React

If you are looking for a library to develop customizable and engaging notifications, Toastr is an excellent choice.

An image showing two people joining hands behind nodes 1
A Beginner’s Guide to Interacting With Smart Contracts Using JavaScript

Make use of the Web3.js JavaScript library to establish a seamless interface for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain.

A snippet of html and css code on a screen 1
Building a React Application Using Radix UI

This library gives you clean, extensible components you can use in your app, and develop further.

React Logo overlaying an image of someone using a laptop and a mobile phone 1
Building Popovers, Alerts, and Toasts With Blueprint UI in React

Simple, clean UI elements can freshen up your design and add a touch of quality to your website or app.

Github x Xcode featured image 1
How to Handle GitHub Source and Version Control From Xcode

Streamline your workflow by utilizing Git version control directly within Xcode.

A laptop, open on a desk, showing code in a text editor. 1
How to Handle Date and Time Management in React Using Day.js

The Day.js library makes it smooth to handle date and time operations in React applications.

Letter blocks spelling out the word “JAVASCRIPT” 1
How to Use JavaScript Design Patterns

You’ll find plenty of applications for these two patterns, so make sure you have a solid understanding of how they work and when to use them.

Computer with a to-do list on display 1
An Introduction to List Rendering in Vue

Learn how to use Vue’s v-for directive to render lists.

Grayscale photography of road from above 1
Native Routing Reimagined With Expo Router

Clean up your URL routes, even on mobile apps, using the Expo Router library.

MacBook on a wooden table displaying storage settings in System Settings 1
What Is AsyncStorage in React Native and How to Use It?

Learn how to implement this asynchronous and global key-value storage system for your React Native application.

hand holding CSS3 icon 1
How to Use CSS Filters and Blend Modes to Create Visual Effects

The CSS filter and blend modes are powerful tools to easily apply stunning visual effects to your web page without the need for complex code.

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