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Debarshi Das is an independent security researcher and a Cybersecurity Trainer with a passion for writing about cybersecurity and Linux. With over half a decade of experience as an online tech and security journalist, he enjoys covering news and crafting simplified, highly accessible explainers and how-to guides that make tech easier for everyone. While he's programming and publishing by day, you'll find Debarshi hacking and researching at night.

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python pip externally managed environment error 1
How to Fix the pip "externally-managed-environment" Error on Linux

If you've recently come across the "externally-managed-environment" error while installing pip packages on Linux, here's how to fix it.

Computer monitors side-by-side showing dark screens with colored text. 1
How to Save Command Line Output to File on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Saving the output of a command to a file is helpful if you're trying to diagnose a problem, and it's super easy to do.

set up multiple monitors ubuntu 1
How to Use Multiple External Displays in Ubuntu

Setting up multiple external displays to Ubuntu is easier than you might think. Here's how to get started.

Masked man in front of laptop screen 1
How DEB Packages Are Backdoored and How to Detect It

Did you know attackers can modify the scripts packaged in a DEB file to gain unauthorized access to your PC? Here's how DEB packages are backdoored.

Blurred-out computer screens 1
Getting Started With GNU Debugger on Linux: A Crash Course

Improve code quality and prevent unexpected results by learning how to use GNU Debugger to reveal unwanted bugs in your code.

girl confused how to copy paste on linux 1
Why You Shouldn't Copy-Paste Commands From the Internet

Tempted to copy-paste a command online? Think twice.

file-sharing-friends 1
How to Access Linux Files on iOS and Android With Network Share

Set up a network-shared folder using Samba but don't know how to access it from your Android or iOS smartphone? Here's how to get started.

locked programming laptop screen 1
10 Ways to Secure Your Samba Server on Linux

If you're hosting a Samba server, it's important that you pay extra attention to securing the server from adversaries.

ubuntu logo with a background 1
How to Install a Desktop Environment/GUI in Ubuntu Server

Most servers don't need a graphical interface, but sometimes they can be a big help. Here's how to install a desktop environment in Ubuntu Server.

Someone using a gaming laptop 1
20 Ways to Improve Gaming Performance on Your Laptop

Want improved laptop gaming performance? Here's how to improve laptop performance and ensure you can easily run the games you want.

Black smartwatch seen through a pair of glasses 1
Can Your Bluetooth Smartwatch Be Hacked?

Yes, especially if you're using a lower-end option. But the well-known brands aren't immune either.

man in hoodie working on computer 1
What Is a Use-After-Free (UAF) Vulnerability?

This is a very specific type of exploit that plagues all kinds of software.

A Rust logo superimposed on a photograph of somebody working on an iMac desktop computer 1
How to Set Up a Rust Development Environment on Linux

Begin your Rust programming journey by setting up a Rust development environment on your Linux PC.

Lots Of Laptops On A Table 1
How to Access Your PC Files on iOS/Android With Windows Network Share

Take the pain out of accessing your PC files with Windows Network Share.

image of earth from outer space 1
5 Easy Ways to Check for Open Ports on Linux

Know your network inside out by regularly checking for open ports with these Linux commands.

data analytics on laptop 1
How to Install Elasticsearch on Ubuntu

Here's how you can install Elasticsearch, a powerful search and analytics engine on your Ubuntu machine.

windows boot up 1
How to Fix GRUB Not Showing in a Dual-Boot Setup

The GRUB bootloader is a crucial part of a dual-boot setup. Here's what to do in case GRUB doesn't load after dual-booting multiple operating systems.

man programming in front of computer 1
How to Create a New systemd Service on Linux

Services on Linux start up as soon as your system boots or reboots. Here's how you can create an auto-starting systemd service on your Linux PC.

Graphic illustration of a hand coming out of a computer screen 1
12 Ways to Enumerate Linux for Privilege Escalation

Want to gain superuser access to a Linux system? Here are some of the best ways to enumerate a Linux machine.

Windows logo seen on blue background 1
Are Windows License Key Activation Programs Safe?

Sometimes trying to save money isn't worth the risk.

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