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Olasubomi Gbenjo is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast working at MakeUseOf to enlighten readers one clear, concise, and compelling article at a time. She's enormously curious and enjoys finding solutions to problems. When she's not writing or learning more about how technology continually shapes the world around us, you'll find her adding to her items cart or watching The Office.

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Woman in a field of flowers 1
10 Ways to Achieve Your Digital Detox Goals

Learn the best ways to start and keep up a digital detox, from customizing apps and notifications to telling your friends and family.

mid-scan of a lady's face 1
What Is AI-Driven Authentication and How Could It Secure Your Accounts?

It's likely you already use login methods that take advantage of artificial intelligence. Here's how it works and why it secures your data so well.

A piece of cookie being torn apart 1
Why Are Third-Party Cookies Being Phased Out, and What Will Replace Them?

What will the internet look like once third-party cookies are removed once and for all?

Woman studying with a notepad and laptop 1
9 YouTube Channels to Stream While Studying

Studying doesn't have to be such a drag. Tune into these YouTube channels for a more productive and enjoyable study session.

Woman smiling at computer while taking notes 1
The 8 Best YouTube Channels for Explainer Videos

Use these YouTube channels to learn something new while having fun.

Apple devices on a desk 1
10 Apple Ecosystem Security Features That Keep You and Your Devices Safe

When you buy an Apple device, you don't have to worry too much about your privacy and security, thanks to Apple's security features.

disassembled view of PC hardware 1
What Are Microarchitectural Attacks?

Also known as side-channel attacks, microarchitectural attacks target the vulnerabilities in your hardware.

Hands on a laptop 1
5 Sites Where You Can Resize Animated GIFs

Need to resize an animated GIF so that it's the right format? Here are the best sites you can use to edit GIFs to the right size.

thomson scenium oled transparent tv on display at ifa 2023 1
5 Key Reasons Why Transparent OLEDs Could Become Mainstream

Transparent OLED TVs seem futuristic, but it could be a future that's much closer than you realize.

Person using their smartphone 1
4 Tips For Finding a Reel You Watched on Instagram

Here are the best ways to track down an Instagram reel that you watched in the past and want to find again.

An Android user holding a phone in the hand sending a Telegram message 1
How to Delete Your Old Telegram Profile Pictures

Telegram stores all your profile pictures, even when you change them. Here's how to get rid of them.

from idea to execution 1
Building Secure Software: How to Integrate Security Into Development Lifecycles

Making your own app? Here's how to make sure it's secure by focusing on cybersecurity throughout the development process.

A Mac screen showing a Gmail inbox 1
7 Reasons Why You Should Have Multiple Email Accounts

Is one email address really enough for everything you need to provide it for online? Here are the top reasons you might consider multiple accounts.

Photo of Person Drawing on a Tablet with a Stylus 1
iPad vs. Drawing Tablet: Which One Should You Get for Drawing?

Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional digital artist, you need a tablet to draw with. Can the iPad measure up to a dedicated drawing tablet?

An eReader beside a stack of books on a wooden table 1
Why Ebooks Are Better Than Real Books

Nothing beats the feel of a physical book, but ebooks have many more benefits you won't find anywhere else.

Woman wearing headphones 1
Why Audiobooks Might Not Be for You

Audiobooks are great, but they're not everyone's cup of tea. Here are a few reasons why you might want to stick to regular books.

Black headphones with three books in between 1
Why Audiobooks Are Better Than Ebooks

You may not like it, but audiobooks offer a lot of benefits that you won't find with regular ebooks.

A woman reading on an iPad 1
7 Tips to Reach Your Reading Goals Faster With Apple Books

Do you want to read more books this year? Here are some tips to help you reach your reading goals faster with Apple Books.

Snapchat icon against a yellow background  1
How to Change and Hide Your Birthday on Snapchat

If you don't want your birthday to show on Snapchat, you can edit it or hide it.

The dictionary app open on a macbook screen 1
7 Ways to Check Dictionary Definitions on Your Mac

macOS makes it super easy to learn new words with multiple ways to access the built-in Dictionary app on your Mac. Explore all your options.

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