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Razvan has always been passionate about technology, which led him to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Engineering. Having left the corporate world, he joined the MUO team in 2021. Now, he focuses on troubleshooting guides and tips that improve the experience readers have with their devices.

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Spotify logo next to laptop on a table showing Spotify app 1
How to Repeat Songs or Playlists on Spotify

Here's how you can get specific songs or playlists on Spotify to repeat.

install VLC on Linux 1
How to Play Two Videos at the Same Time With VLC Media Player

This is the quickest and easiest way to play videos simultaneously on your computer.

Opened hard disk drive 1
How to Fix the “A Disk Read Error Occurred” Error on Windows

While it may sound worrying, a disk read error on Windows can be easy to fix.

spotify open on phone and plating music 1
Does Spotify Stop Playing When Your Screen Is Off? How to Fix It

Try these fixes if Spotify does not play content when your screen is off or locked.

Easy way to change Netflix subtitles on TV 1
How to Watch Netflix With Two Sets of Subtitles

Learning a new language through Netflix? With the help of a handy Chrome extension, you can watch movies or shows with two different subtitles.

USB and laptop 1
6 Tricks When Windows 10 Won't Eject the USB Drive

Windows always recommends you safely eject a USB drive, but what if it doesn't let you? Here's the fix.

A couple watching Netflix on TV 1
How Netflix's Extra Members Feature Works

Although Netflix has disallowed password sharing, you can still grant others access to your account with Extra Members. Here's how to set it up.

photo of a person taking pictures on their smartphone  1
How to Turn Off Motion Photos on a Samsung Phone

Is your Samsung phone capturing short videos instead of still photos? To stop it, you need to disable Motion Photos on your Galaxy device.

Bitcoin tokens and dollars 1
6 Ways to Cash Out Your Bitcoin

Bitcoin is great, but sometimes, you need cold hard cash.

Instagram logo 1
8 Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Follow Someone on Instagram

If the Follow option is not working for you on Instagram, there are a few potential issues behind this.

microsoft to do logo on blue background 1
How to Fix the Microsoft To Do App When It’s Not Syncing

Microsoft To Do is fantastic for syncing your notes between devices, but what if that feature breaks?

Computer screen showing taskbar icons 1
How to Fix Windows 10 Not Showing App Icons in the Taskbar

Did Windows 10 decide to hide your taskbar icons? Learn how to quickly get it fixed with our guide.

YouTube on two phones. 1
Why YouTube Keeps Pausing Videos (and How to Fix It)

Does YouTube keep pausing your videos for no reason? Then you need to try these eight ways to fix it.

The Epic Games Launcher 1
How to Fix the Epic Games Library When It Doesn’t Show Your Games

Is the Epic Games library not showing your games? Try these quick and simple fixes.

Telegram logo 1
How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Telegram

There are some tell-tale signs that mean that someone might have blocked you on Telegram.

usinf a vpn in a cafe 1
8 Reasons Why Free VPNs Just Don't Cut It

VPNs are rightly popular, but that level of privacy doesn't come cheap. Sadly, free VPN services come with risks that may not be worth taking...

steam library on a computer monitor 1
How to Finally Get Rid of Games From Your Steam Account

Want to remove a game from your Steam account instead of just uninstalling it? Now you can do that, and it's easy.

rpc-server-error 1
How to Solve the "RPC Server is Unavailable" Error in Windows 10

The RPC Server is Unavailable error can restrict access to certain files, but it is easy to resolve.

disable user account windows 11 1
How to Move the Taskbar in Windows 11

Here's how to move the taskbar around on Windows 11, alongside a more in-depth method if you dislike the default settings.

a gaming PC with Steam on it 1
How to Hide Your Steam Activity

Limit who sees your steam activity with these privacy settings.

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