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Modisha is a writer with an MSc Astrophysics degree from the University of Cape Town. While doing research in his postgraduate years, he fell in love with writing and never looked back. He's now been writing blogs and "how-to" guides for over 3 years. When he's not listening to music, you'll find him watching action-comedy movies, playing video games, or traveling.

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A Windows PC on a desk 1
11 Ways to Open the Control Panel on Windows

The Control Panel features many ways to edit your computer's settings, and there are lots of different ways you can open it.

Error message on a Windows PC 1
9 Ways to Fix the “Class Not Registered” Error on Windows

The “Class Not Registered” error on Windows can be vague, and it's not obvious how you fix it at first. Here's how to get rid of it.

Network Error Message 1
8 Ways to Fix the “Download Failed Network Error” on Chrome

Are you unable to complete downloads on Chrome? While the issue is annoying, these solutions might fix your problem.

Person using a dual monitor setup in an office 1
7 Ways to Fix “The Remote Computer Requires Network Level Authentication (NLA)” Error on Windows

Sometimes Windows won't let you connect to a remote computer, citing an issue with NLA. Fortunately, it's an easy fix.

Battery symbols 1
7 Ways to Fix the “No Battery Is Detected” Error on Windows

Learning that your Windows device has forgotten its own battery can be worrying, but it is fixable.

Person using a Windows device while placing it on a lap 1
How to Disable Keyboard Shortcuts and Hotkeys on Windows 10

If your butterfingers keeps opening random apps and windows, here's how to disable the keyboard shortcuts on Windows 10.

Person playing music on his PC 1
How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Audio Devices on Windows

One Bluetooth audio device is easy to set up on Windows... but what about several? Here's how to do that.

USB Device on a PC 1
How to Fix a USB Device That Keeps Disconnecting & Reconnecting in Windows 10

It is more than a little frustrating when your USB device won't stay connected to Windows 10.

Pixelated cursor 1
6 Ways to Fix a Disappearing Mouse Pointer in Windows

Is your cursor acting coy? Here's how to fix a vanishing mouse pointer in Windows.

fix-slow-windows-explorer 1
5 Ways to Fix Windows File Explorer When It’s Slow

File Explorer is handy, but not when it runs slow. Here's how you fix it.

windows 11 login problems 1
The 10 Best Error Lookup Tools for Windows

Got a Windows issue? Try one of these error lookup tools to get to the root of the cause.

A Windows 10 laptop 1
How to Fix Windows Automatically Minimizing Programs

Have your Windows apps got a weird case of stage fright? Keep them front and center with this guide.

happy family members laughing and standing together 1
5 Ways to Fix the Windows Family Safety Feature Not Working

Protect your family online with these tips for fixing Windows Family Safety when it stops working.

A frustrated laptop user 1
How to Fix the Windows “To Run This Application, You Must Install .NET Core” Error

Sometimes, installing .NET Core doesn't actually fix this error message. Here are more solutions you can try.

frustrated woman in front of laptop 1
7 Ways to Fix the "Application Made Too Many Requests" Error (0x80860010) on Windows

This annoying Windows error message isn't very descriptive, but there are ways to fix it.

Clicking the settings option on a PC 1
8 Ways to Fix Inaccessible Screen Resolution Settings on Windows

Sometimes Windows will stop you from accessing the screen resolution settings, but don't fret just yet. Try these tricks to get it fixed.

Clicking the settings option on a PC 1
13 Ways to Open the Windows System Settings

Here's how to quickly and easily get into your Windows settings and make the tweaks you need to make.

Windows Laptop on a Kitchen Table 1
How to Fix the "Can't Collect Information" Error on the Windows System Information Tool

The Windows System Information tool is meant to collect information. If Windows tells you it can't, here's why.

Windows 11 Laptop with a  Desktop Wallpaper of a Scenic City 1
8 Ways to Fix a Reappearing Deleted File or Folder on Windows

If a file or folder is seemingly haunting your Windows PC, here's how to delete it for good.

A person using a Windows PC on a brown desk 1
What Is a RAM Cache, and How Do You Clear It on Windows?

You may know about the RAM in your PC, but what about the RAM cache? Here's what it means, and how to clear it, on a Windows machine.

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