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Dustin Wright

Staff Writer for Android

About Dustin Wright

Dustin has written professionally for over a decade, covering everything from tech to gaming, food to legislation, and evil robots to, yes, everything Android.

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airtag wallets 1
How to Protect Yourself From Unknown Bluetooth Trackers Using an Android Phone

Android has built-in tools to detect and alert you to the presence of unwanted AirTags or other Bluetooth trackers.

two cars in an rta with police car in background feature 1
How to Activate Car Crash Detection on a Pixel Phone

If you get into an accident while driving, your Pixel phone can detect it and call for help. Here's how to set it up.

unlocking an android phone 1
How to Set Up and Use the Accessibility Menu on Android

Have difficulty pressing some of the buttons on your phone? Android's Accessibility Menu makes them bigger and more accessible.

Black Android phone on table 1
How to Use Google's Android Call Screening Feature

Find out who's calling, and block unwanted callers automatically, using the call screening feature on a Pixel phone.

Smoke detector of fire alarm in action 1
How to Turn Real-World Sounds Into Visual Notifications on Your Android Phone

Android's sound notifications can turn real-world sounds, like a ringing smoke alarm or a knock at the door, into visual notifications on your phone.

young woman and old woman using a phone 1
How to Disable RTT Calling on Android

RTT Calling is a useful accessibility feature on Android. But if you don't need it, here's how to turn it off.

Man holding his ears 1
How to Improve Your Hearing Using an Android Phone

If you're experiencing hearing loss, your Android phone can help. Google's Sound Amplifier helps you hear conversations and media more clearly.

A neon lit Tetris sign 1
Two Ways to Play Tetris Competitively on Android and iPhone

Want to play competitive Tetris on your phone? Here are two ways to access a multiplayer version of one of the most popular games ever!

iPhone and cash in hand 1
What Is the Upside App and Can It Really Save You Money?

Upside aims to stand out from the rest of the cashback apps with its unique set of features but is it worth it? Let's find out.

Valve's Steam Deck handheld 1
How to Bring Up the Keyboard on Your Steam Deck

Bringing up your Steam Deck keyboard is a key skill, yet one that could elude you even after hours of play. Don't worry—we'll outline the process.

Imagine the Future sign at IFA 2023 1
IFA 2023: The Best New Gaming Hardware We Want to Try

IFA features the latest and greatest in consumer tech for everyone—so what does it have for gamers?

Driving a vehicle on a highway behind a semi truck 1
How to Stop Google Maps Activating "Do Not Disturb" on Android While Driving

Google Maps sets your Android phone to Do Not Disturb when you're driving. But this isn't always convenient. Here's how to disable DND in Google Maps.

Elderly woman texting on a phone 1
What Is RTT Calling On Android and How Do I Use It?

RTT Calling is an important accessibility feature that lets you have full conversations using text instead of voice. Here's how to set it up.

Drawn beaming light bulb on a post-it note 1
How to Create More Helpful Notes in Google Keep on Android

You can create more than just simple text notes in Google Keep on Android. Here's how to make notes that contain media, tags, and more.

A reminder post-it note 1
How to Send Scheduled Reminders via Google Keep on Your Android Phone

Google Keep isn't just for notes. You can also use it to send reminders to yourself or others, either at a certain time or when you enter a location.

Playing on Android phone 1
How to Emulate Your Favorite Sega Dreamcast Games on Android

Play all the classic Dreamcast games on Android using the Redream and Flycast emulators. Here's how to set them up.

devices announced at samsung unpacked 1
Everything Announced at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked July 2023

Get the lowdown on all of Samsung's new folding phones, smartwatches, and tablets, when they're available, and how to pre-order them.

Black background featuring ChatGPT logo 1
ChatGPT Is Now Available on Android

ChatGPT has been available on iOS for a while now, but it has finally arrived on Android too. Here's how to download it.

Man playing Super Mario Bros. 1
How to Apply a Fan Translation Patch to a ROM

Restricted by the language barriers of a retro game? Here's how to apply translation patches to retro games you want to emulate.

Person playing an arcade cabinet 1
Why You Should Consider Big Box for Your Arcade Cabinet’s Frontend

Organizing and navigating around your arcade cabinet can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Big Box looks to smooth this process over.

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