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Christine Romans

Staff Writer for Wellness

About Christine Romans

Christine has been writing professionally about tech since 2014. Now, with her knowledge about health, fitness, and food, she specializes in writing about wellness-related tech at MUO.

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woman in black workout outfit stretching on exercise mat 1
The 7 Best AI Fitness Apps That Will Push Your Limits

AI is supercharging fitness apps with the ability to personalize workout plans to your needs—these apps are like professional trainers in your pocket.

mental health spelled with tiles next to small plant 1
The 8 Best Mobile Apps for Mental Wellness Courses

Embark on complete mental health courses and emotional well-being programs with these iOS and Android apps.

woman suffering from abdominal cramps and pain 1
8 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Manage and Track IBS

Monitor and learn about IBS symptoms, find recipes and meal inspiration, and better manage IBS with these apps.

elderly man using smartphone while lying on sofa 1
The 8 Best Mental Health Apps for Seniors

Promote healthy aging by continuing to care for your mental health and sharpness with these mobile apps.

young woman using laptop while sitting at kitchen table 1
The 9 Best Websites for Practicing Digital Minimalism

Reduce your screen time and declutter your digital life by embracing minimalism in your technology use with these online tools.

happy young woman and senior woman looking at smartphone 1
The 9 Top Mental Health Websites for Seniors

It's important to continue prioritizing mental health as you or your loved ones age. These online resources have valuable information for seniors.

senior woman looking at smartwatch on wrist 1
9 Wearable Devices for Seniors to Improve Health and Safety

Explore some of the best wearable gadgets and their companion systems that are designed to help seniors stay safe and promote healthy habits.

four friends standing outdoors at sunset and looking at city 1
The 10 Best Mental Health Websites for Young People

These websites offer valuable information and important advice for young people and their parents and guardians looking for mental health support.

Selfcare isn't selfish written on black and white sign 1
8 Online Platforms That Offer Self-Care Courses and Classes

Self-care is essential for a happy life, and it also allows you to show up for others. Here are some platforms that offer courses and classes.

woman sitting on chair in front of large curtained windows 1
10 Websites That Promote Mental Health and Well-Being for Women

Looking after your mental health is crucial, and there are several websites that promote well-being in this area for women.

happy little child running through field outside 1
8 Digital Tools for Learning Important Life Lessons From Kids

Take cues from the way children interact with each other and the world to unlock important benefits for your own well-being.

happy laughing couple practicing partner yoga 1
Take These 6 Online Couples Yoga Classes/Courses to Strengthen Your Connection

Yoga can be a fantastic way to strengthen the relationship with your significant other, and these online classes and courses are a starting point.

woman lying down on exercise mat in shavasana pose 1
8 Ways to Enhance Progressive Muscle Relaxation With Technology

If you're thinking about progressive muscle relaxation, technology can help you.

person sitting at desk next to laptop and smartphone drawing digital art 1
9 Fun, Free Online Drawing and Painting Tools

If you're somewhat of a creative person, you might like the odd digital drawing every now and again. Here are nine online tools you can use.

pokemon go augmented reality mobile game 1
8 AR Mobile Games That Will Get You Moving Outdoors

These augmented reality apps offer a way to turn active walks or runs around the neighborhood into exciting adventures and challenging games.

large red and white youtube logo icon 1
What Is YouTube’s Super Chat Feature and How Do You Use It?

Super Chats are the perfect way to support and interact with your favorite creators on YouTube. Here's how to use them.

woman sitting on sofa and meditating 1
9 Ways Tech Will Help You Learn and Practice Autogenic Training

Autogenic training is a relaxation technique that you can learn and practice with these handy apps, websites, and gadgets.

woman exercising outdoors with her baby 1
8 Online Postnatal Fitness Classes to Recover Comfortably at Home

Fitness is a valuable part of recovering after having a baby, and these online workout classes are designed specifically for new moms.

woman lying on sofa using earphones and a smartphone 1
The 10 Best YouTube Channels to Listen to Audiobooks for Free (Legally)

These YouTube channels will let you relieve classic stories and discover new audiobooks for free.

couple embracing hands on pregnant belly 1
9 Prenatal Wellness Tips to Take Care of Yourself Using Technology

If you're expecting a baby soon, looking after yourself is crucial. Technology can also help.

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