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Shannon is located in Philly, PA. She has been writing in the tech field for over 5 years after graduating with a degree in IT. Shannon is the Managing Editor of ReHack Magazine and covers topics like cybersecurity, gaming, and business technology.

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An unlocked iPhone showing the home screen laying on a white table. 1
How Secure Is a Refurbished Phone?

A refurbished phone can be secure if you know what to look for. Here's what you need to know about used phone security.

A man sitting at a table and browsing a website on his laptop. 1
5 Red Flags to Identify a Phishing Website

Phishing isn't just for email or social media—you can also land directly on a phishing website. Here are some of the top indicators.

Airline passengers sitting in a flight and watching their screens. 1
How Secure Is Airplane Wi-Fi?

Airplane Wi-Fi keeps you connected while you're tens of thousands of feet in the air. It's convenient, but is it secure?

Closeup of a padlock on a blue door. 1
Have You Changed the Default Passwords on Your IoT Devices?

Not changing the default passwords on IoT devices leaves you vulnerable to hacking. Have you updated your passwords?

photo of people talking together around a desk 1
What Are Ransomware Negotiators and How Can They Save You Serious Cash?

You might not have heard of a ransomware negotiator before. Here's what they can do and why the role is essential.

A gray Nest thermostat mounted on the wall showing the temperature. 1
Is Your Smart Thermostat a Cybersecurity Risk?

Smart thermostats are convenient for homeowners, but do they also provide easy access for hackers?

A pink present tied with a golden ribbon sitting on a table. 1
Why You Shouldn't Trust Giveaway Contests on Social Media

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is—and that applies doubly to social media. Here are the signs of a giveaway scam.

An open laptop with a black pirate flag against a red background on the screen. 1
Killware vs. Ransomware: What's the Difference?

Killware and ransomware are both types of cyberattacks, but do you know how to differentiate them?

digital threats causing financial loss graphics 1
Can You Spot Phishing Emails? Test Your Awareness With These Quizzes

Phishing emails are becoming harder to spot, but these quizzes test your phishing knowledge and help you stay safe.

woman with fuchsia painted nails at desk in front of laptop holding an iPhone 1
What Are the Pros and Cons of Passwordless Authentication?

You might already be using passwordless authentication on some services. But what are the risks and benefits of a password-free society?

A laptop screen showing a red malicious file warning popup. 1
Would You Infect Others to Rid Yourself of Ransomware?

A ransomware variant offers you a choice: pay the ransom, or infect two other people with the ransomware. What would you choose?

opening gmail on a laptop 1
Think Twice Before Unsubscribing From Spam Emails: It Could Be a Scam

It's natural to hit unsubscribe when you receive unwanted emails—but with spam, doing so could be risky.

A woman sitting at a desk with a laptop and crafting supplies looking at her phone. 1
If You Have These 6 Personality Traits, You're More Vulnerable to Phishing Scams

No one is immune from phishing, but some personality traits can make you more susceptible. Do you have any of these most vulnerable traits?

going on your googlemail account 1
What Is a Blank Image Phishing Scam?

An email with a .html attachment could be a blank image phishing scam. Here's how to recognize one.

A phone against a green background with ChatGPT open on the screen. 1
AI Hallucinations Could Be a Cybersecurity Risk

AI chatbots may hallucinate, giving confidently incorrect answers—which hackers can take advantage of. Here's how hackers weaponize hallucinations.

EV Charger on a silver car 1
Is Your Electric Vehicle Charger a Security Risk?

Some EV chargers have been found to have security flaws. So is this really something you need to worry about?

A man in a hacker mask sitting at a desk with a laptop in a dark room. 1
How Ransomware Gangs Enlist Insiders (and How to Stop Them)

Ransomware gangs may reach out to company insiders to make the breach easier. Here's how they do it.

A man sitting in an airport on his phone watching a plane take off outside. 1
7 Smartphone Apps That Help You Travel Safely

Whether you’re on a plane, in a car, or walking through the streets of a foreign country, these are the best apps to download to keep yourself secure.

A person holding their smartphone next to a smart lock on a door. 1
Does DIY Home Security Really Keep You Safe?

DIY home security is more than just a simple camera system. Here's how it can make your home safer.

connecting to a virtual private network on laptop 1
Is Your VPN Working? Here's How to Check

A VPN works quietly and largely invisibly in the background, but there are ways to confirm that it is on.

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