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A white PS5 and a white PS5 controller leaning on it 1
The Old PS5 vs. the New (Slimmer) PS5: What Are the Differences?

There's an updated PS5 model coming in November 2023, but how does it compare to the original? We'll break down the key differences between the two.

A photograph of a black PlayStation 3 console 1
The Best PS3 Emulators for Your PC

Looking to try (or revisit) a PS3 experience on your PC? Here are some of the best PS3 emulators around.

A photograph of a grey Nintendo Switch being held up in the air  1
What to Do if Your Nintendo Switch Needs Repairing or Replacing

Is your Nintendo Switch broken? Here's how you can book your Switch in correctly for a repair.

A purple and white background with the Steam and folder logo on its front 1
How to Use Steam’s Storage Manager to Quickly Manage Your Games

Organize your games seamlessly with Steam's Storage Manager. Here's how.

Audeze lcdi3 IEM no cables.JPG 1
What Are Gaming IEMs and Are They Any Good?

Are gaming IEMs worth your money, or should you stick with a gaming headset?

Person wearing hoodie and a neon mask 1
Cyberattacks on Gaming: Why the Risks Are Increasing for Gamers

Gamers, it’s high time to level up your security! Here's why cyberattacks on the games industry have increased.

A photograph of a retro gaming controller under pink and green lights  1
Batocera vs. RetroPie: Which Is Better for Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming?

Two of the best platforms for retro gaming on Raspberry Pi computers go head to head in a "Final Fight".

The new Playstation slim models on a dark blue background 1
What You Need to Know About the New PS5 Slim Model

Sony is releasing a new, slimmer PS5 in the US just in time for the 2023 holidays. Because small(er) is good, right?

Woman holding DualSense controller while playing PlayStation 5 1
Can You Use a PS5 Controller on a PS4?

The DualSense is an excellent controller for all your PS5 and PC gaming needs. But can you also use it on a PS4? Let's find out.

A photograph of a man holding up a white Xbox One Controller  1
Xbox One Controller Not Recognizing Headset? Try These 4 Fixes

If your Xbox One controller is having difficulty connecting to your headset, we've got a few troubleshooting tips for you.

steam library on a computer monitor 1
Steam Not Recognizing Installed Games? How to Fix It

Is Steam refusing to load the games you have installed on your gaming PC? You can fix it, and here's what you need to do...

A photograph of two Nintendo Switch Joy Con attached to a controller adapter  1
5 Ways You Can Maintain Your Nintendo Switch (and Extend Its Lifespan)

Ensure the longevity of your Nintendo Switch with these simple-yet-important tips.

A photograph of an Xbox Wireless Controller in front of a gaming monitor 1
3 Ways to Redeem Digital Codes for Your Xbox

Here are a few ways to get digital goodies for your Xbox, whether you're on a console, phone, or PC.

Little girl sitting in a racing sim 1
5 Settings to Make a PS5 Safer for Kids to Use

Want to keep your PS5 safe for your kids to use? Using these settings is a must.

Roblox Client Open on a Laptop Placed Close to a Window 1
How to Fix Error Code 262 on Roblox

Get back into Roblox with this guide for the dreaded error code 262.

Raspberry Pi 5 board 1
6 Reasons Your Retro Gaming Project Needs a Raspberry Pi 5

WIth improved processing power and a bunch of hardware upgrades, the Raspberry Pi 5 will be the best model yet for retro gaming.

fix remote play not working 1
How to Fix the Steam Remote Play Feature Not Working on Windows

Steam Remote Play can be finicky, but if it stops altogether, here's how to fix it on Windows.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti (Founder's Edition) 1
The 3 Best GPU Alternatives to Nvidia's GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 16GB

Thinking about the RTX 4060 Ti 16GB? Think again.

Controller keyboard and headset resting on a table 1
The 7 Best Bots for Twitch Streamers

Ease your Twitch stream worries with these bots handling the backstage work.

Gaming PC vs workstation PC 1
Workstation vs. Gaming PC: What’s the Difference?

Workstations and gaming PCs both come with top-tier hardware, but how are they different?

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