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Apple Home App iOS 17 Scene Icons Menu 1
How to Change the Icons For Smart Devices in the Apple Home App

Better customize your Apple-friendly smart home by selecting a new icon for devices.

digital graphic of smart home living room with grid connecting each device 1
5 Reasons to Create Your Own Smart Home

See some great reasons why a smart home can make your life a bit easier.

chromecast-guide 1
How to Use Chromecast: A Guide for Beginners

New to the world of Chromecast? Learn how to use Chromecast on a range of devices with this layman's walkthrough.

Yeedi Cube robovac docked at station in a kitchen 1
Save on the Yeedi Cube During Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days

This post is sponsored by Yeedi.

close up shot of fitbit watch on wrist  1
Is the Fitbit Heart Rate Monitor Accurate?

Discover how accurate Fitbit's heart rate sensor is, how the device tracks your heart rate, and how you can improve its accuracy.

wheel chair sign lit up at night 1
5 Kinds of Tech Designed to Support People With Disabilities

From voice assistants and smart home devices to smart hearing aids and more, technology is improving accessibility in a variety of ways.

best smart cleaning gadgets 1
The Best Smart Cleaning Gadgets

Keep your home sparkling clean with the help of the best smart cleaning gadgets that you can control from your smartphone!

OLD TVs for sale 1
TV Buying Guide: How to Pick the Right TV for Your Living Room

When it comes to buying a TV, there's a lot more than what's on a spec sheet. By the end of this guide, you'll know exactly how to pick the right TV.

Using FaceTime on Apple TV via Continuity Camera on iPhone 1
How to Use FaceTime on Your Apple TV

FaceTime is making the move to the big screen. See how you can talk to friends and family on the Apple TV.

roku-vs-chromecast 1
Chromecast vs. Roku: Which One Is Best for You?

There are many streaming media devices to choose between. In this article, we compare the heaviest hitters: Chromecast vs Roku.

sonos-era-100-bluetooth 1
What Is Sonos? A Guide to the Smart Speakers

Find out more about the line of speakers that offer a perfect fit for your smart home.

An image of Amazon Echo Dot 1
How to Find Your iPhone Using Amazon Alexa

See how your Echo and Alexa can save the day and help you track down a misplaced iPhone.

two smart speakers on coffee table in living room 1
Can Google and Alexa Voice Assistants Work Together?

Find out how you can use both popular voice assistants in your home.

Apple Maps iOS 17 App Refine Location Option Displayed on an iPhone in Front of a Map 1
How to Set or Change the Location of Your HomeKit Home

Make the most of your Apple-centric smart home by unlocking geofencing capabilities and more.

Apple TV 4K Control Center HomeKit Controls Displayed On a TV 1
How to Add Apple TV to HomeKit

See how to add Apple's streaming box into your HomeKit setup.

senior woman looking at smartwatch on wrist 1
9 Wearable Devices for Seniors to Improve Health and Safety

Explore some of the best wearable gadgets and their companion systems that are designed to help seniors stay safe and promote healthy habits.

Apple Home Grid Forecast Displayed on an Apple Watch 1
What Is Apple Home Grid Forecast and How Do I Use It?

Find out more about the feature that allows you to plan your home's energy consumption.

Product shot of multicolor light bulbs 1
How to Connect Fitbit to Apple Health 1
How to Connect a Fitbit to Apple Health

It's not as straightforward as you might think to connect a Fitbit to Apple Health, but this guide will walk you through the process.

Smart security camera mounted from the ceiling 1
The 8 Best Places to Install Smart Cameras

For the best home security, here are some ideal locations for smart cameras.

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