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Logitech G305 1
How to Fix Logitech Mouse Lag on M1 and M2 Macs

Is your Logitech mouse lagging when you connect it to your M1 or M2 Mac? This error has affected a lot of people, so here’s how to fix it.

3D Apple Music logo 1
How to Set a Sleep Timer in Apple Music

Here’s how to prevent Apple Music from endlessly playing music even after you’ve fallen asleep—no matter what device you’re using.

A person using Google Chrome on a MacBook 1
How to Uninstall Chrome on a Mac

Want to know how to uninstall Google Chrome on your Mac? Here are some simple instructions to follow.

Woman using Mac displaying Safari logo 1
How to Allow Pop-Ups in Safari

Safari blocks all pop-up windows by default, which isn't always ideal, as you'll face issues while visiting old websites.

MacBook user using an iPhone 1
How to Install the iOS 17, watchOS 10, and macOS Sonoma Developer Betas

Got access to Apple’s developer program and want to check out the latest versions of iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma early? Here’s what you need to do.

MacBook Pro showing a folder of Adobe apps in the Dock 1
Core Sync on the Mac: What It Is and How to Remove It

Adobe is notorious for making it hard to uninstall its programs and services, and Core Sync is no exception. We'll show you how to get rid of it.

Recording With Logic Pro X 1
How to Create an Instrumental Track in Logic Pro in Under 30 Minutes

Music aficionado or not, you can create a good-quality track in Logic Pro. And these tips can get you there in under 30 minutes.

Person viewing sensitive content in iMessage on an iPhone 1
How to Enable Sensitive Content Warnings on Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Your Apple device can automatically detect nudity and warn you without compromising your privacy. We'll show you how to turn this feature on.

A MacBook Pro and Samsung external drive placed on a persons lap 1
How to Move Your Logic Pro Sound Library to an External Drive

Move your Logic Pro sound library to an external drive to free up space on your computer as well as improve Logic Pro's performance speed.

A macbook screen with apps open and a visible dock 1
Deleted App Still Showing Up on Your Mac? 9 Fixes to Try

Are you still seeing an app you previously deleted in macOS? Here's how to get rid of it completely.

Google Chrome on Mac 1
How to Get Google Chrome on Your Mac

Thinking of trying Google Chrome on your Mac? Here's how to download it.

MacBook Pro with Rosetta 2 icon on screen 1
What Is Rosetta 2 and How Do You Install It on a Mac?

Rosetta 2 serves as the bridge between Intel and Apple silicon Macs. Here's everything you need to know.

Best-MacBook-Pro-Case 1
The Best MacBook Pro Cases

Protect your Apple laptop with one of the best MacBook Pro cases available right now.

Person accessing the Launchpad on a MacBook Pro 1
4 New Threats Targeting Macs in 2023 and How to Avoid Them

The threats our computers face today aren't the same ones we grew up with. Are Macs as immure as their reputation suggests?

MacBook in the background with Messages icon and cancel button placed on top 1
How to Turn Off Messages on Your Mac

Is iMessage distracting you from your work? Here's how to disable the service on your Mac.

PDF document open on a Mac 1
How to Print to PDF or Save as a PDF on a Mac

You can print a web page, image, or any document to a PDF file easily on your Mac. Here's how to do it.

Apple devices on a desk 1
10 Apple Ecosystem Security Features That Keep You and Your Devices Safe

When you buy an Apple device, you don't have to worry too much about your privacy and security, thanks to Apple's security features.

person using Numbers on a MacBook 1
How to Find and Remove Duplicates in Numbers on a Mac

Have a lot of data in your Numbers spreadsheet? Use these tips to find duplicates and remove them in Numbers for macOS.

person using Spotlight search on a MacBook Pro 1
How to View the Clipboard History on a Mac

Trying to find a list of everything you copied and pasted on your Mac? It isn’t easy to do using the built-in tools.

MacBook Air and iPad Air product comparison 1
iPad vs. MacBook: Which Is Better for College Students?

If you're a college student struggling to decide between an iPad and a MacBook for your courses, we're here to help.

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