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elon musk sitting behind twitter logo on smartphone 1
How Often Has Elon Musk Been Sued? The Twitter Lawsuit and More Explained

Musk has been on the receiving end of numerous lawsuits, but has dished more than a few out, too.

facebook logo with dislike thumbs surrounding 1
How to Unfollow Facebook Pages You’re No Longer Interested In

Here are the different ways you can unfollow a Facebook page using the website or mobile app.

bluesky app on smartphone 1
What Is Bluesky? Is It the Best X (Twitter) Alternative So Far?

Here's a look at what Bluesky Social is all about.

Reddit app icon with red notification dot 1
How to Stop Annoying Reddit Notifications

If Reddit is sending you too many notifications, you can put an end to it with these tweaks.

Discord logo on purple background 1
How to Monetize Your Discord Server

There are a few ways you can make money on your Discord server that are relatively simple to set up.

tiktok-sound-iphone 1
How to Turn a TikTok Sound Into Your Ringtone or Alarm on iPhone

Customize your iPhone ringtone or alarm by downloading different sounds from TikTok using this step-by-step guide.

facebook logo on a pastel background converted to grayscale 1
How to Recover Deleted Facebook Posts

Have you deleted a Facebook post accidentally and want to restore it? Here's how...

WhatsApp logo on an iPhone 1
WhatsApp Not Backing Up to iCloud? Here's How to Fix It

If you can't back up your WhatsApp chats to iCloud, try out these fixes.

woman standing taking photo on phone 1
8 Useful Features to Help You Get the Most Out of BeReal

Here are some useful features you can use in BeReal that you might not know about.

hand holding smartphone with threads app logo in front of meta background logo 1
You Can Now Edit Your Threads Posts (if You're Quick)

Threads has rolled out the ability for users to edit their posts after publishing. Here's how to use it.

A bunch of WhatsApp logos depicting multiple WhatsApp accounts 1
How to Create AI-Generated Stickers on WhatsApp

WhatsApp lets you create and send AI-generated stickers easily.

Browsing Facebook on PC and Phone 1
How to Find Old Posts on Your Facebook Timeline

You don't have to scroll down your timeline endlessly. Here's how to find old Facebook posts quickly and easily.

TikTok shown on a laptop screen 1
How to Make Your TikTok Videos More Accessible: 5 Essentials

You can use these accessibility best practices to make sure more people are able to interact with your TikTok videos.

x twitter logo on an iphone 1
What Is X Premium (Twitter Blue) and How Much Does It Cost?

X Premium is a subscription available to X (Twitter) users. But what is it, how much does it cost, and is it worth your money?

reddit logo on a trash can 1
Are You Addicted to Reddit? How to Overcome That Addiction

If you feel that you're addicted to Reddit, here's how to curb your usage or quit the app completely.

Instagram logo 1
8 Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Follow Someone on Instagram

If the Follow option is not working for you on Instagram, there are a few potential issues behind this.

Instagram app icon on an old iPhone's apps screen 1
How to Post to Multiple Instagram Accounts Simultaneously

Instagram lets you post to multiple accounts at the same time, but you need to link them first.

A person using Instagram on iPhone 1
How to View Your Liked and Saved Posts on Instagram

Instagram has plenty of features beyond the standard news feed. If you want to view posts you've interacted with in the past, this guide is for you.

man holding phone with snapchat open 1
Snapchat's Age Requirements: How Old You Have to Be to Use Snapchat

Here's all you need to know about how old you have to be to use Snapchat.

reddit logo on smartphone 1
How to Find Videos, Images, and GIFs on Reddit

Reddit now has a dedicated media tab that lets you search for videos, images, and GIFs.

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