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Raspberry Pi 4 USB and Ethernet ports 1
How to Connect a Raspberry Pi to a PC or Laptop Using USB

By using USB gadget mode, you can access and control your Raspberry Pi system from a PC connected via USB.

Steam Deck mainboard shield removed to reveal the SOC and SSD 1
How to Install an SSD on Your Steam Deck

Elevate your Steam Deck gaming experience with a lightning-speed SSD upgrade!

Raspberry Pi 400 opened to show main PCB 1
Everything You Need to Know About Overclocking a Raspberry Pi 400

You can make your Raspberry Pi 400 run faster by overclocking the CPU. Here’s how to do it.

Raspberry Pi 5 board 1
Raspberry Pi 5 vs. Orange Pi 5: Which SBC Is Right for You?

The new Raspberry Pi 5 single-board computer is a vast improvement on the Pi 4, but how does it compare with the Orange Pi 5?

A photograph of a retro gaming controller under pink and green lights  1
Batocera vs. RetroPie: Which Is Better for Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming?

Two of the best platforms for retro gaming on Raspberry Pi computers go head to head in a "Final Fight".

An illustration of fake ChatGPT logos 1
How to Use ChatGPT for 3D Printing

ChatGPT can help you to create and fix G-code and STL files for 3D printing, and even generate simple 3D models. Let’s explore what it can do.

Inside of computer closeup 1
How to Set Custom XMP Profiles and Overclock Your RAM

Did you know you can adjust XMP settings to squeeze more performance from your system memory?

Mouse looking at a smartphone with mouse shown on screen 1
8 DIY Traps for Common Household Pests

Want to get rid of household pests humanely without a lot of expense? Try building one of these DIY electronic traps.

Raspberry Pi 4 1
How to Install and Run the Arduino IDE on a Raspberry Pi

If you’re familiar with the Arduino IDE programming environment, you may want to also use it on a Raspberry Pi. Here’s how to install and run it.

A black and white mechanical keyboard 1
Custom vs. Pre-Built: Which Mechanical Keyboard Should You Buy?

Custom mechanical keyboards give you so many options, but an off-the-shelf pre-built is often more than enough for most users.

Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 5 1
Raspberry Pi 4 vs. Raspberry Pi 5: 14 Key Differences

The new Raspberry Pi 5 has just arrived, but how does it compare with the Pi 4? Let's see how the two SBCs measure up head to head.

Raspberry Pi OS logo with Raspberry Pi board background 1
The 11 Best Raspberry Pi Operating Systems for Different Uses

You don’t have to stick to the official Raspberry Pi OS on your single-board computer. There are lots of OS options for different use cases.

Raspberry Pi 5 board 1
6 Reasons Your Retro Gaming Project Needs a Raspberry Pi 5

WIth improved processing power and a bunch of hardware upgrades, the Raspberry Pi 5 will be the best model yet for retro gaming.

Man using tongs on barbecue 1
9 Cool DIY Grilling Gadget Ideas Every BBQ Enthusiast Should Try

Raise your grilling game with one or more of these DIY devices and you'll soon become a barbecue boss.

Using a Digital Clamp Meter for Electrical Measurements-1 1
How to Use a Digital Clamp Meter for Electrical Measurements

A digital clamp meter makes it easier to measure the current flowing through a wire. Its probes can also be used for other electrical measurements.

Raspberry PI GPIO with box in background 1
Dimming an LED and Beyond: PWM on Raspberry Pi

Learn how to control the brightness of an LED connected to a Raspberry Pi using PWM.

Raspberry Pi 5 board 1
The Raspberry Pi 5 Is Launching in October: All the Details

Ready to pre-order, the new flagship model is up to three times faster than the Pi 4 and includes a bunch of extra features.

man watching tv from living room 1
Set Up a Home Theater on Raspberry Pi With LibreELEC

Why buy an expensive off-the-shelf TV box when you can create your own customisable media center with a Raspberry Pi and LibreELEC? Here's how.

Raspberry Pi 4 USB and Ethernet ports 1
How to Make a Raspberry Pi WPA Encrypted Wireless Hotspot Device

Need a secure Wi-Fi hotspot to share an Ethernet connection? Here's how to use a Raspberry Pi to create one.

Lego minifig and Raspberry Pi 1
5 Reasons Raspberry Pi SBCs Could Be Overkill for Your Project

Do you really need a Raspberry Pi single-board computer for your next electronics project? Here are the aspects to consider.

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