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An unlocked iPhone showing the home screen laying on a white table. 1
How Secure Is a Refurbished Phone?

A refurbished phone can be secure if you know what to look for. Here's what you need to know about used phone security.

A man sitting at a table and browsing a website on his laptop. 1
5 Red Flags to Identify a Phishing Website

Phishing isn't just for email or social media—you can also land directly on a phishing website. Here are some of the top indicators.

Airline passengers sitting in a flight and watching their screens. 1
How Secure Is Airplane Wi-Fi?

Airplane Wi-Fi keeps you connected while you're tens of thousands of feet in the air. It's convenient, but is it secure?

Person wearing hoodie and a neon mask 1
Cyberattacks on Gaming: Why the Risks Are Increasing for Gamers

Gamers, it’s high time to level up your security! Here's why cyberattacks on the games industry have increased.

An Intel CPU with AMT support 1
Can Your Computer Be Accessed Remotely While It’s Off?

Can a hacker get into your PC when it's powered down? Yes, it's possible; fort instance, using Intel's Active Management Technology...

Laptop in a cafe 1
9 Things You Should Never Do Using Public Wi-Fi

Accessing the internet using public Wi-Fi is dangerous. Here are the nine things you should avoid doing while using an unsecured network.

Router with padlock symbol  1
Does Resetting a Hacked Router Make It Secure Again?

So, you're router's been hacked. The best solution is to reset the hardware, but does that make it secure again? Here's what you need to know.

laptop on seabed with lightbulb hovering above 1
Deep vs. Dark Web: What's the Difference and Which Is Most Dangerous?

The internet is made up of many layers, including the deep web and the more notorious dark web. But what are the risks of each?

computer keyboard with lock icon above and man with hands outstretched behind 1
The 5 Best Privacy-Focused Operating Systems

Want more privacy on your computer or laptop? Consider these lesser-known operating systems.

Person scanning QR Code on a parcel while sitting in a car 1
Are QR Codes Safe to Scan? What to Do if You Scanned a Fake One

Yes, QR codes can be dangerous, so you can't trust them all. Here's why scammers make fake QR codes and what to do if you fall for it.

Duolingo icon in 3D 1
Were You Hit by the Duolingo Data Breach? Here’s What to Do Next

The language-learning app, Duolingo, was hacked, so cybercriminals might have access to your name and location. Here's why that matters.

Closeup of a padlock on a blue door. 1
Have You Changed the Default Passwords on Your IoT Devices?

Not changing the default passwords on IoT devices leaves you vulnerable to hacking. Have you updated your passwords?

Sandisk SSD beside a USB drive, a cable, an Apple mouse, and a Magic Keyboard 1
How to Spot a Fake SSD and Avoid Data Loss

Don't fall for a fake SSD. It could end up costing you in more ways than one.

Glowing Wi-Fi symbol on black background 1
The 5 Best Wi-Fi Analyzers to Check if a Network Is Safe

Worried about your Wi-Fi security? Looking for an IP scanner? Here are some of the best Wi-Fi analyzers for you to try out.

Little girl sitting in a racing sim 1
5 Settings to Make a PS5 Safer for Kids to Use

Want to keep your PS5 safe for your kids to use? Using these settings is a must.

windows 10 laptop 1
7 Ways to Prevent Unauthorized Access on Windows

Unauthorized access to your Windows PC can result in more than just data loss. Here are the best ways to avoid it.

Is "Scam Likely" Calling You? Here's How to Block Them

What is "Scam Likely" and what does this message mean? We look at how to block "Scam Likely" calls and reduce spam.

digital graphic of padlock surrounded by electrical grid 1
How Are Cryptographic Oracles Vulnerable to Padding Oracle Attacks?

Cryptographic oracles can be great tools for hackers. Here's why.

person using smartphone to interact with chatbot 1
3 Chatbot Privacy Risks and Concerns You Should Know About

Whether you're using ChatGPT or another chatbot, you need to be aware of the potential threats that put your data privacy into question.

auctioneer's hammer gavel 1
Is DealDash a Scam or Can You Get Legit Bargains?

You might have seen DealDash's too-good-to-be-true ads. But is it a scam? If not, how does DealDash actually make money? Let's find out.

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