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engineers sharing linux tips and tricks 1
6 Linux Terminal Tips and Tricks to Get Things Done Quickly

Want to get better at using the Linux terminal? Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started.

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GNOME 45 Introduces New Image Viewer and Camera Apps: Here’s How They Work

The newest GNOME 45 release brings several new changes to the table, including two new, powerful image viewer and camera apps.

GNOME logo against a default wallpaper in GNOME 45 1
How to Use GNOME 45's New Activities Indicator

The latest GNOME 45 release comes with a new activities indicator instead of the Activities button at the top-left corner.

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How to Disable IPv6 Rules in UFW for Enhanced Firewall Security on Linux

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to disable IPv6 rules in UFW. Here's how to do it on Linux.

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Ubuntu Has No Sound! What to Do When Audio Stops Working

Got no sound on your Ubuntu PC? Here are some ways to troubleshoot the no audio issue on Ubuntu.

using windows and linux lite on two devices 1
5 Linux Lite Tips for Windows Users

Have you recently switched to Linux Lite from Windows and found it to be complicated? Here are some Linux Lite tips to help you get started.

Check Your NIC Speed on Linux-1 1
5 Ways to Check Your NIC Speed on Linux

Your internet speed also depends on the speed of your network interface controller (NIC). Here are a few ways to check your NIC speed on Linux.

A man using filezilla on ubuntu 1
How to Install FileZilla on Ubuntu

Need to manage files on a remote server from your Ubuntu PC? Check out FileZilla, a free-to-use FTP client for Linux.

essential tools to remember Linux commands 1
5 Essential Tools to Remember Linux Commands

With these helpful tools by your side, searching for the correct Linux command to do something becomes a cinch.

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4 Ways to Check Whether cron Is Working on Linux

cron is a job scheduler and process automation utility for Linux. Here's how you can check if cron is working properly on your system.

debian-based-linux 1
The 11 Best Debian-Based Linux Distributions

Love Debian but want an alternative better suited to your needs? Here's a list of the best Debian-based Linux distros for you to try.

linux-package-formats 1
How to Install Software on Linux: Package Formats Explained

You've switched to Linux, and want to install some software. But packages differ depending on your distro. Here's a primer on Linux package formats.

chromebook plus logo on rear of chromebook laptop feature 1
What Is Google's New Premium Chromebook Plus Specification and When Does It Launch?

Google has finally revealed its long-awaited premium Chromebook specification, and it should bring major boosts to productivity.

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How to Run Android Apps and Games on Linux

Want to run your favorite Android apps and games on your Linux PC? Here are some ways to run Android apps on Linux.

woman feels frustrated while using laptop 1
ChromeOS Is Missing or Damaged: How to Recover Your Chromebook

The "ChromeOS is missing or damaged" error can prevent you from using your Chromebook. Here's how you can fix it.

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The 8 Best Markdown Editors for Linux

Looking for an easy-to-use Markdown editor for your Linux PC? Here are some of the best options.

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The Top 5 Free GIF Recorders for Linux

Create eye-catching animations and screen tutorials with these free GIF-recording Linux apps.

MacBook Running Asahi Linux 1
How to Install Asahi Linux on Your Apple Silicon Mac

Are you tired of macOS and its limitations? Give Asahi Linux a try and see how well it runs on your Apple silicon Mac.

Computer screen with Netflix logo 1
How to Install and Watch Netflix on a Chromebook

For movie buffs, Netflix is a treasure trove that you can access from the convenience of your home. Here's how you can watch Netflix on a Chromebook.

manage packages in opensuse with zypper 1
How to Manage Packages in openSUSE With Zypper

openSUSE ships with Zypper, a command-line package management tool that works with RPM packages. Here's how to use it.

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