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Man editing videos on PC 1
What to Look for When Buying Video Editing Software

Selecting a video editing tool demands thorough contemplation as your choices are vast and varied. Here's how to pick the right one for you.

Photoshop and Canva logos on arrow background 1
Photoshop Generative Expand vs. Canva Magic Expand: Which Generative AI Tool Is Better?

Both Photoshop and Canva embrace AI with their generative expansion tools. While their purpose is the same, they function differently. Let's compare!

Textured 3D orb in shiny pastel colors 1
How to Create Better AI Art: 11 Tips and Tricks

Creating great AI artwork requires more than a simple text prompt. Let's show you how to level up your AI art.

image of person using a laptop 1
What Is a JFIF File? How to Convert One to JPG

While JFIF files aren't as common nowadays, understanding what they are and how to convert them to JPG can be handy.

Google search engine 1
How to Generate AI Images in Google Search With a Text Description

You can now generate AI images directly from within Google Search. Making it easier than ever to conjure images from text descriptions.

Hands typing on a laptop, with large text displaying PNG Files o the right of the desk. 1
What Are PNG Files? And What Should You Use Them For?

The term "PNG" might ring a bell, but its purpose and uses may be unclear unless you're a designer or photographer. Let's explore this file type.

person's fingers swiping over recents photo album on iphone  1
How to Try the AI Yearbook Photo Trend

Embark on a 90s nostalgia journey with the AI photo yearbook trend. Here's how to get started.

Digital artist drawing on an iPad 1
The 10 Best Drawing and Painting Apps for Digital Artists

If you're a digital artist, you should check out one or more of these drawing and painting apps for your device.

Colorful artwork of 3D cubes. 1
How to Make Computer Generated Art Using AI

With AI art generators, anyone can be an artist, you just need to fine-tune your prompt. Here's how to get the best results.

woman using her laptop 1
The Dark Side of AI Art: 5 Potential Issues With the Growing Trend

Generating AI reimaginings of yourself is fun, but is it ethical? Let's discuss the dark side of AI art.

Laptop showing image collection 1
How to Use Canva’s Magic Studio to Edit Your Designs

The tools in Canva's Magic Studio enable you to edit like a pro with minimal effort. Let's show you how to use them.

Effortlessly encoding with HandBrake Presets Featured image 1
How to Customize Presets in HandBrake for Optimized Video Encoding

Customize your HandBrake video encoding presets to the T for the best possible results.

Dual monitor music production setup 1
How to Install VST Plugins in REAPER

Learning how to install VSTs is an essential step in mastering REAPER. Let's walk you through the process.

man working on laptop on the couch 1
How to Use Canva’s Magic Design to Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

Magic Design takes Canva to the next level, empowering all with no design experience to bring their visions to life. Here's how to use this AI tool.

Over the shoulder photo of a person making music on a DAW 1
A Complete Beginner's Guide to Producing Music

Are you interested in producing music? While the learning curve is steep, this beginner's guide will help you ease into it.

YouTube logo on a laptop screen 1
How to Edit Your Videos in YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio's video editor might not be the most comprehensive, but it allows you to perform edits to your uploaded videos. Here's how to use it.

MacBook Pro showing a folder of Adobe apps in the Dock 1
Core Sync on the Mac: What It Is and How to Remove It

Adobe is notorious for making it hard to uninstall its programs and services, and Core Sync is no exception. We'll show you how to get rid of it.

Recording With Logic Pro X 1
How to Create an Instrumental Track in Logic Pro in Under 30 Minutes

Music aficionado or not, you can create a good-quality track in Logic Pro. And these tips can get you there in under 30 minutes.

How to Submit a Removal Request on YouTube Due to Copyright

Did someone steal your video and upload it as their own on YouTube? Submit a copyright removal request.

Man editing image with preset in Lightroom on his PC 1
How to Use the Radial Gradient Filter in Lightroom

Lightroom's Radial Gradient filter allows you to apply adjustments to specific parts of your image without affecting the surrounding areas.

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