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surface-laptop-go-3-display 1
Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 Review: New Processor, Same Old Drawbacks

Is Microsoft's Surface Laptop Go 3 still the Chromebook killer? It doesn't seem so.

Opened hard disk drive 1
How to Fix the “A Disk Read Error Occurred” Error on Windows

While it may sound worrying, a disk read error on Windows can be easy to fix.

Man in Gray Sweater Working on a laptop 1
How to Record Audio on Windows 11

Record through your microphone or grab your computer's audio on Windows 11.

A Windows PC on a desk 1
11 Ways to Open the Control Panel on Windows

The Control Panel features many ways to edit your computer's settings, and there are lots of different ways you can open it.

Wireless mouse and Windows logo on a green carpet 1
How to Fix a Mouse That Double-Clicks on a Single Click in Windows

Is a single click acting as a double-click on your mouse in Windows? Here are software and hardware fixes for this annoying problem.

The Windows user login screen on a laptop 1
How to Use Apple Maps on a Windows PC

Apple Maps is Apple's version of a mapping service such as the now famous Google Maps. Learn how to use it on a Windows computer.

The Razer logo  1
How to Fix Razer Synapse Not Working in Windows 11/10

Can't customize your Razer peripherals? Never fear; here's how to get Razer Synapse working again.

A brown circuit on a silver laptop 1
What to Do if the Ethernet Keeps Disconnecting on Windows 10 & 11

Ethernet is usually more stable than a Wi-Fi connection, but that doesn't mean it never fails.

Woman using Windows 10 laptop on a bed 1
3 Ways to Factory Reset Your Windows Computer

Learn how to factory reset Windows using several methods, including from boot and manually reinstalling.

A purple and white background with the Steam and folder logo on its front 1
How to Use Steam’s Storage Manager to Quickly Manage Your Games

Organize your games seamlessly with Steam's Storage Manager. Here's how.

A Black Windows Laptop Running iCloud 1
Can’t Download or Install iCloud on Windows? Try These Fixes

Get iCloud working on Windows again using this guide.

Featured image - Windows 11 laptop and a black wireless headphone on a platform 1
How to Turn Off the Volume Change "Ding" Sound in Windows

Get rid of the little "ding" sound that plays when adjusting your Windows audio with this guide.

USB and laptop 1
6 Tricks When Windows 10 Won't Eject the USB Drive

Windows always recommends you safely eject a USB drive, but what if it doesn't let you? Here's the fix.

Microsoft Store apps on a Windows 11 device 1
4 Ways Managing Apps on Windows Is Better Than macOS

There are plenty of reasons why you should use either Windows or macOS, but the former does have some nice app-based features.

windows 11 insider program join 1
What Is the Windows 11 Insider Program and How Do You Join It?

Want all the latest patches for Windows 11 before anyone else? Here's how, plus some things to consider before joining the Insider program.

Windows 11 laptop on white desk 1
How to Fix the Troubleshooters Not Working in Windows 10 & 11

The Windows Troubleshooters are meant to get you out of tricky errors, but what if even they start acting up? Here's how to fix that.

system settings in windows 11 1
How to Turn Fast Startup On or Off in Windows 11

Turning off Fast Startup does have its benefits, but how do you do it on Windows 11? Here's how.

Featured image - Windows 11 laptop and a black wireless headphone on a platform 1
How to Use the Photos App Background Blur Feature on Windows 11

Bring the focus of an image to the forefront with Windows Photo's Background Blur feature.

edge chrome browser hiding taskbar maximized 1
How to Fix Edge or Chrome Hiding the Windows Taskbar When Maximized

Get access to the Windows Taskbar at all times with this guide.

Samsung Flow app connecting Galaxy phone and tablet 1
How to Use Samsung Flow to Connect Your Windows PC and Galaxy Phone

Samsung and Microsoft's partnership allows some very cool features, such as Samsung Flow for an easier time connecting to Windows.

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