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How to Enable or Disable Audio Descriptions on Disney+

Disney+ offers a whole new world of accessibility features. Here we'll show you how to use audio descriptions on your smartphone and desktop.

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Does Spotify Stop Playing When Your Screen Is Off? How to Fix It

Try these fixes if Spotify does not play content when your screen is off or locked.

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How to Disable and Enable Subtitles on (HBO) Max

Subtitles are handy when watching shows and movies for so many reasons. We're going to show you how to enable subtitles on HBO Max.

Picture shows a pair of glasses sitting on top of a Kindle ereader in low light 1
5 Ways to Help Your Kindle Battery Last Longer

Make the most of your Kindle battery life with these tips.

YouTube Music Tablet 1
What Are Samples on YouTube Music? How to Use Them to Find New Songs

Use Samples on YouTube Music to find your next favorite song.

Easy way to change Netflix subtitles on TV 1
How to Watch Netflix With Two Sets of Subtitles

Learning a new language through Netflix? With the help of a handy Chrome extension, you can watch movies or shows with two different subtitles.

Computer screen with Netflix logo 1
Rewatching a Show on Netflix? How to Reset Your Watch Progress

Whether you want to rewatch a show or start a show someone else already started watching on your profile, you'll want to reset the watch progress.

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Never Forget How Spotify Compiles Wrapped Every Year... by Collecting Your Data

Spotify's Wrapped feature is a handy annual review of your favorite tracks, based on your listening data. There are pros and cons to this.

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What Are Gaming IEMs and Are They Any Good?

Are gaming IEMs worth your money, or should you stick with a gaming headset?

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How Netflix's Extra Members Feature Works

Although Netflix has disallowed password sharing, you can still grant others access to your account with Extra Members. Here's how to set it up.

A lady using Apple Music on an iPhone  1
Apple Music Deleted Your Library? Tips for When Music Disappears

Has Apple Music deleted your library? Songs you thought were safe in iCloud gone missing? Here's what you can do.

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What Are Low-Content Books on Amazon (and Should You Buy Them)?

We'll take a look at the unique content type that's growing in popularity on Amazon.

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9 YouTube Channels to Stream While Studying

Studying doesn't have to be such a drag. Tune into these YouTube channels for a more productive and enjoyable study session.

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5 Reasons Why a Kindle Unlimited Subscription Isn't Worth It

A subscription service for Kindle ebooks sounds great, but Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscription isn't worth the money.

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How to Set a Sleep Timer in Apple Music

Here’s how to prevent Apple Music from endlessly playing music even after you’ve fallen asleep—no matter what device you’re using.

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How Spotify's Free Tier in India Is Changing

Indian Spotify users who have got used to using the free tier face a tough choice. Upgrade to Premium or lose some key features.

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The 5 Best YouTube Playlist Downloaders to Grab Videos in Bulk

Want to watch YouTube videos offline? These YouTube playlist downloaders let you download entire YouTube playlists quickly.

A hand holding a phone displaying a song on Spotify  1
How to View Your Favorite Artist's Profile Page on Spotify

Find out more about the artists you like and what they have to offer with this handy feature.

How to Submit a Removal Request on YouTube Due to Copyright

Did someone steal your video and upload it as their own on YouTube? Submit a copyright removal request.

A lady using Apple Music on an iPhone  1
How to Fix Low Volume Issues in Apple Music

Is the volume too low for you? Here's how to fix Apple Music audio issues on your iPhone.

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