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Three different kinds of checkmarks in Google Messages 1
How to Disable Read Receipts for RCS Messages on Android Phones

RCS messaging shows read receipts by default. If you don't want them, you can turn them off in both Google Messages and Samsung Messages.

iPhone running Google Lens app in front of a magnifying glass 1
The 10 Best Reverse Image Search Apps for iPhone and Android

Reverse image search lets you learn more about any image. Here are the best image search apps and tools for Android and iPhone.

screen mirroring android to pc 1
5 Ways to Share Files From PC or Laptop to Android Phone

Need to move data from your laptop to your Android device? Here are your best options for laptop-to-mobile file transfer.

Lineage OS, on smartphone 1
How to Find the Right Custom ROM for Your Android Phone: 5 Factors to Consider

Looking to install a custom ROM on your phone? You need to keep these points in mind if you want to choose the right one.

An unlocked iPhone showing the home screen laying on a white table. 1
How Secure Is a Refurbished Phone?

A refurbished phone can be secure if you know what to look for. Here's what you need to know about used phone security.

disney plus new pricing with ads 1
How to Enable or Disable Audio Descriptions on Disney+

Disney+ offers a whole new world of accessibility features. Here we'll show you how to use audio descriptions on your smartphone and desktop.

man holding phone showing credential entering screen 1
How to View Saved Wi-Fi Passwords on Android

Need to view the Wi-Fi password for a saved network on your Android phone? Here's everything you can do to find your Wi-Fi password using Android.

Foreign languages on keys and blue translate button 1
The 8 Best Mobile Apps for Learning and Improving English

Looking to learn English, or just want to improve your vocabulary? These English-learning apps for Android and iPhone can help.

Hand holding Android smartphone with whatsapp open and keyboard displaying 1
The 5 Best Free and Open-Source Android Keyboard Apps

Want an Android keyboard app that's more private than Google's Gboard? Then try out these open-source alternatives.

Notifications showing on an Android phone 1
4 Handy Apps to Manage Your Notifications on Android

Getting too many notifications on your Android phone? These apps will help you manage them better.

samsung galaxy charger 1
What Is Protect Battery on Samsung Phones, and Should You Use It?

Samsung Galaxy phones have a feature that can extend the lifespan of your battery. But is it a good idea to turn it on?

A woman holding a cyan blue Android phone. 1
9 Ways to Fix the "Emergency Calls Only" Error on Android

Not able to make or receive calls on your Android phone? Here's how to solve the "Emergency Calls Only" problem.

photo of a person taking pictures on their smartphone  1
How to Turn Off Motion Photos on a Samsung Phone

Is your Samsung phone capturing short videos instead of still photos? To stop it, you need to disable Motion Photos on your Galaxy device.

Amazon app on an iPhone 1
How to Find and Search Particular Storefronts in the Amazon App

If you have a preferred brand, it's better to browse for products by visiting the brand's storefront rather than sifting through search results.

Nothing Launcher on a OnePlus phone 1
How to Open RAR Files on Any Android Phone

Need to open and extract a RAR file on your Android device? Here's how to do it.

Samsung Flow app connecting Galaxy phone and tablet 1
How to Use Samsung Flow to Connect Your Windows PC and Galaxy Phone

Samsung and Microsoft's partnership allows some very cool features, such as Samsung Flow for an easier time connecting to Windows.

3D Apple Music logo 1
How to Set a Sleep Timer in Apple Music

Here’s how to prevent Apple Music from endlessly playing music even after you’ve fallen asleep—no matter what device you’re using.

woman taking a photo with her phone 1
6 Android Gallery Apps That Are Better Than Google Photos

Looking for the best Android gallery apps to replace Google Photos? Here are six free gallery app alternatives worth a try.

mental health spelled with tiles next to small plant 1
The 8 Best Mobile Apps for Mental Wellness Courses

Embark on complete mental health courses and emotional well-being programs with these iOS and Android apps.

A hand holding a phone displaying a song on Spotify  1
How to View Your Favorite Artist's Profile Page on Spotify

Find out more about the artists you like and what they have to offer with this handy feature.

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