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A llama with Python logo overlayed 1
How to Build a Chatbot Using Streamlit and Llama 2

Leverage the open-source Llama 2 LLM to build a custom chatbot with Python.

The word “API” surrounded by abstract icons 1
How to Test Express.js REST APIs Using Cypress

Cypress is great for front-end testing, but it can test your APIs effectively too.

code editor open in dark mode 1
How to Create a Simple Contact Form Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Learn to create a simple contact form for your website with easy steps, ensuring effective communication with your audience.

Python and Excel logos overlayed on a computer screen containing Python code 1
How to Seamlessly Integrate Python Into Excel Using PyXLL

When there’s no Excel function for the job at hand, Python programmers reach out for PyXLL.

The Go mascot—a blue gopher with large eyes—looks at a dark computer monitor showing a grid of terminal-like output. 1
What Are Example Functions in Go?

Improve your documentation and code test in one easy step with example functions.

A python function with two different implementations placed on both ends of a circle shape. The Python logo is placed at the center of the circle and the overall background is a series of fading circles. 1
Understanding Function Overloading in Python

Function overloading may not be built into Python, but there are ways of mimicking it.

Somebody holding a marker and a small paper card 1
Using CSS Grid for Magazine-Style Layouts

With a handful of styles, you can use this attractive, flexible layout for many types of page content.

html-tags-writers 1
7 HTML Tags You Need to Know as an Online Writer or Blogger

To be marketable and flexible online, you just have to know how to format a full HTML article, or how to tweak things.

React code in a code editor 1
How to Build and Consume Mock APIs in React Apps Using Mirage.js

Don’t have the API ready? No problem! Develop and utilize mock APIs with Mirage.js.

Computer's terminal with Python logo overlaid 1
How to Automate System Monitoring Using Python

With one single library, you can monitor a host of system metrics and ensure everything is running smoothly.

person playing fps game with controller 1
How to Implement a Day-Night Cycle in Godot

Add atmosphere and unique gameplay mechanics with the rise and fall of a sun.

code editor opened on a laptop 1
How to Lazy Load Images Using HTML and JavaScript

This technique improves web page performance by loading images only when they are visible or near the user's screen.

Raspberry Pi 4 1
How to Install and Run the Arduino IDE on a Raspberry Pi

If you’re familiar with the Arduino IDE programming environment, you may want to also use it on a Raspberry Pi. Here’s how to install and run it.

Golang logo text on an image of a black pen placed on a book on a reflective surface 1
A Deep Dive Into Reflection in Go

Explore the concept of reflection in the Go programming language, delving into its powerful capabilities for dynamic code analysis and manipulation.

A wireframe illustration of a human head with binary numbers in the background 1
What Is No-Code AI and How Do You Use It?

Fascinated by the promise of AI, but not sure where to start? A no-code solution can help introduce you to the field.

Laptop display with code on the screen and a pen holder with pens on the side. 1
Build Stylish Next.js Forms With React Hook Form and Material UI

Get your forms in order with this combination of functional and design libraries.

Code editor showing sematic html code 1
Exploring HTML5 Semantic Elements

If you missed the new semantic elements that HTML5 introduced, catch up with this primer.

A person with code and Scikit-LLM logo overlayed on top 1
How to Use Scikit-LLM for Text Analysis With Large Language Models

Powerful language models + Scikit-learn = Scikit-LLM. Perform text analysis tasks on the go with the help of this library.

A book titled “Stunning CSS” lies on top of a book on JavaScript. A mobile phone lies on top of both. 1
Understanding the CSS :nth-child() Selector

This CSS feature is particularly useful for styling tables and complex lists.

React Logo overlaying an image of someone using a laptop and a mobile phone 1
Create Beautiful Dropdowns With React Select

Liven up your boring dropdowns with this flexible React library.

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